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We’ve been making our own yogurt in our Instapot for a while but when there was a sale at the store on almost-expired skim milk, I couldn’t help myself. But, that also meant I had a fridge full of almost-expired skim milk. Solution? Creamy, delicious yogurt made out of skim milk (also called Icelandic or Skyr yogurt). It uses rennet rather than fat to make it set up, and it can be strained as little or as much as you like. We can’t taste that it’s non-fat, and is delicious any way it’s served up, plain with a little maple syrup and vanilla or with berries and homemade granola.


1 gallon skim milk
1/4 cup plain yogurt with live cultures
7 drops liquid animal rennet (here’s what I use)
1/4 cup coolish, non-chloronated water

In your Instapot (this is the one we have and it makes yogurt culturing so simple), pour in one gallon of milk, put the lid on and turn knob to sealed position, push the yogurt button, and adjust to boil. Leave the lid on until it beeps. Check the temperature and make sure it’s reached 190F. If it hasn’t, put the Instapot onto saute and heat it until it does. Then, remove the insert and let the milk cool down to 105F. When it’s cooled, in a small bowl, mix a few cups of milk with the yogurt starter, then return it to the pot of milk, stirring thoroughly. In another small bowl, mix the cool water and animal rennet. Pour into the milk and stir at least thirty seconds to incorporate. Put lid back on, push the yogurt button and adjust the time to five hours. When it has completed it’s cycle, strain through cheesecloth. The longer it is strained, the thicker the yogurt. Store in the fridge (and don’t forget to set some aside for the next batch!).

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