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Autumn inevitably reminds me of Montreal, Quebec where I lived for nearly a year and a half.  It is a fascinating place bursting with interesting people to match.

One of the most unusual things about their culture is their pronunciation (and their sense of humor–see video below).  Sure, they’re speaking French but Quebecois is to Parisian French as Alabama English is to English, well, English.


Now, don’t mistake me–I love the quirky Quebecois language.  If you’ve never heard them speak before, watch this short Halloween clip.

(You might catch a few words in their like “pop tart” and “grilled cheese”–the Quebecois like to toss in English words).

Don’t be afraid to laugh, even if you don’t understand . . .

So weird, huh?  But hilarious at the same time.  There’s an English version if you’d like to look it up, though I don’t find it nearly as funny since they employ mildly foul language.  Plus, it’s not as amusingly odd.


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