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Even Spiderman needs a nap once in a while.

Does anyone else love pictures of sleeping kids? I know I do. There’s something so special about catching them when they’re asleep, especially when they’re completely oblivious to what’s going on around them and/or have fallen asleep in some of the oddest places.

Brothers make good pillows.
While perusing my photo collection of napping kids, it seems like Adam and Peter have been the most likely to fall asleep NOT in their bed, but I think the tradition started way before them. The availability of a camera on demand changed, so while their older siblings have also zonked out in odd places, I just didn’t always have a camera ready to capture the moment.
Kate and Peter sharing a snuggle.
Some of my favorite napping photos include falling asleep while playing with the baby. They’re so quick to snooze anyway, so it’s doubly adorable when I’d catch two or more sleeping.
Naming your new baby brother is hard work…😴
When Henry was born, we had a heckuva hard time picking a name for him (girl names came MUCH easier to us). It took a lot of debating and deliberating, which the Claire and Kate involved themselves in. Funny enough, when they came to visit Henry and me in the hospital, they offered a few suggestions from the comfort (or I should say “comfort”) of my hospital bed. The mental toll was so great that they all eventually dozed off while I enjoyed some quiet time. So sweet!
Peter couldn’t make it through the first hour of church. 😂
Everyone’s fallen asleep at least once or twice at church. It’s hard not to when the pews are so comfy and everyone has to sit still…
I watched Zoey fighting sleep while watching a show together after dinner. She didn’t win.
More often than church, the kids come home from school and crash hard. They live by the mantra to live hard, play hard, and catch up later.
Never sit on a pile of blankets…

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about napping children everywhere, it’s that you never plop down on a pile of blankets without first checking to make sure someone else isn’t wadded up in the folds first.

Same goes for chairs. Anywhere squishy and big enough to curl up on is fair game for whoever is small enough to fit.
Henry couldn’t take it any longer.
Sometimes, sleep sneaks up on them so swiftly and so deftly that they don’t have time to prepare for it. No pillow, no blanket, still sitting. 😅
That’s impressive.

Probably the most remarkable display of an impromptu siesta has been Adam, who I discovered sleeping standing up. STANDING UP. I’d given him a bath and sent him to the living room to play with siblings while I jumped in the shower. Not even ten minutes later, I walked in to find him stabilizing himself against Zoey and the couch, but otherwise dead to the world. Wowza.

Like Adam, Peter has the amazing ability to sleep anywhere. He’s fallen asleep with only his nose holding him up at the kitchen table, in shopping carts, on stairs, in the middle of a room with nothing other than the carpet to make him comfortable. I’d think he’d want to try a couch or a bed, but sometimes, when you need to nap, you need to nap.
This may all come back to be a hereditary ability to sleep. While I’m the Queen of the Catnap (always on the couch or in bed), Jack can sleep like a champ. While I’m road tripping, the car lulls him to sleep. I can hardly remember the last time I woke up after him, and sometimes, I find him curled up on impossibly small chairs that I doubted he could fit on.
Aww! Baby Panama! 😍
All of this snoozing where convenient isn’t limited to people, either. We’ve had plenty of cats and dogs, horses, chickens, and cows make themselves at home with a comfy slumber. Gotta say, it’s awfully cute.
He consciously got out of bed to sleep on the floor. Okay…😅

The most ironic sleeping is whenever I put a child in bed, but they intentionally exit their designated sleeping space to curl up on the floor. Whatever floats their boat, I guess.

Sleeping and eating seem to go hand in hand here, too. I love watching someone’s eyes get heavy as they melt onto the table and start snoring. It’s the epitome of being utterly comfortable–warm, full, relaxed, tired.

Adam was helping me outside but told me he needed to come in… to nap on the rug.
Nothing like a good nap for a sleeping babe!

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