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One thing I wasn’t able to cross off my 2019 goal list was to get updated family photos. The timing just wasn’t right with our usual photographer and I couldn’t find another one to replace her, so it just didn’t happen.

That meant this year, it became a top priority. The kids change so much in a year and while I can catch some fun photos on my phone of them, it’s not the same as someone who really knows how to handle the camera and bring out their personalities.
Also, it may be because of the craziness of this year–Covid, car accident, life-threatening bee sting, and all that, but making sure we preserved some of our family history through a photo session, all together, seemed extra important. 2020 has thrown us for a loop in both good and unanticipated ways. This seemed like a good way to celebrate that we not only survived, but are thriving.
Normally, we take photos at our house, but this year, we decided to have a little change of scenery. We went to a nearby orchard and had a blast posing. The weather was PERFECT and the kids were all smiles and giggles without having to be enticed.
Within half an hour, we were able to get everyone’s photo taken in several locations and positions, and together as a family.
The orchard also had a pumpkin patch, a small pond, and a pecan grove. Makes me wish I could grow decent-sized pumpkins and had pecan trees, too.
It really is amazing to see how much each child has changed in the past year. I can already see glimpses of who they’ll be in the future.
I also appreciate that the kids’ personalities come through and that our photographer was able to catch them.
We were able to turn a potential meltdown by Peter when he didn’t want to join the hugging train into a spectacularly adorable photo.


Aaaaand, I really appreciate that one of our running traditions in family photography sessions is Evelyn holding the baby. She is a way better mother than me and it shows.


Even though we had a lot of goals put on hold this year by the wild state of things, but I am so grateful we were able to get these photos taken and subsequent memories made. They will be cherished and shared and admired for years and years to come!


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