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With four girls in the house (five, I guess, since I’m one), there’s a lot of collective hair. There are never enough brushes or hair ties and it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get out the door if one of them decides to fix the hair. We’re talking braids, twists, hairclips, the works.
When we made it to Idaho, one of the girls’ aunts works in a salon and graciously offered to give the girls and I a trim, which we all desperately needed. We’d all been growing ours out in preparation to donate again and upon finding out that everyone had enough to donate, everyone decided to go back to short.
My two blonde beauties.

 While I decided to keep growing my hair out (I’ve made it to the length where I can braid it! Finally!), each of the girls lined up and in a matter of minutes, they each had an adorable new hairstyle just in time for school.

Since I’d just given Henry and Peter a haircut, the only one left after all the girls were done was Jack. Henry watched all the action while joking with one of his cousins while Jack talked over his vision of hairstyles with MaKayla and Amy, one of Jack’s sisters.
Jack had been growing his hair out since being in quarantine and was looking a little wild and mountain-manish.
I’d known Jack when his hair was long–we’re talking long–but I’d never cut his hair when it’d been so voluminous. So, I watched MaKayla work her magic on his hair with the help of Amy, who made executive decisions about the length of Jack’s hair. Between the two of them and a lot of specialty tools, Jack walked away looking smokin’ hotter (’cause if I’m being honest, I think he’s handsome no matter his hairstyle).
And voila. A new version of Jack was born. And since he couldn’t not go out looking that fantastic, we decided to make a quick date of it. We put the kids in bed, left the older cousins in charge, and went to get some fancy Italian Ice.
It was a fraction of the group who was last together for a Piggy Dinner, but it was still soooo fun to be goofy, childless, carefree adults.
The girls were so proud to have donated their hair together, sort of like a sister pact. Plus, now fixing hair is a breeze. Just a couple small ponytails or strategically placed clips and they’re good. Of course, they still have my hair to work on. So, sometimes, it does still take us just as long to get where we’re going. Oh, well…
So much beautiful hair! Hope someone special gets the girls’ recycled hair in their wig.
Thanks to MaKayla for the adorable/handsome new haircuts!

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