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And just like that, in the blink of an eye, Zoey is already three! She showed up on Stoney’s 21st birthday and has been a joy to watch her grow from an adorable, chunky, bright-eyed baby into a sassy, clever, sweet, beautiful girl.
Loves her plants, flowers or not.
As with all of our children, it feels like Zoey has been a part of our herd for as long as anyone can remember. Her vivacious spirit and infectious laughter harmonize perfectly with the rest of the chaos.

Zoey is not a complicated person. When she doesn’t like something, the whole world will know it. When she likes something, she loves it. Like ramen noodles. The longer, the better.


She love, love, loooooves her little brother. There is no force in the universe that can keep her from smothering Peter with all the love that she can muster.

Along with babies, Zoey (like me) is a sucker for animals. It doesn’t matter if she has to run down the cats… 
…or if she has to grab an unsuspecting chicken…
…or if she has to tempt a cow over to the gate with the promise of fresh grass, she loves them all.

She has a soft spot (like me) for horses, though. Zoey is my little shadow in the barn. Every time I go out to feed the animals, she comes tearing after me, ready or not. Many times I’ve had to turn her back around to the house to at the very least, get a coat and shoes before she comes with me.


Maybe it’s that Stoney and her share a birthday (true story!) but to me, it’s obvious they have quite the connection. She loves hanging out with him, sitting on his swaying back or brushing him.


Part of Zoey’s birthday wish was to go out and feed Stoney carrots and wish him a happy birthday. So, we did just that.

Can you believe Stoney is already 24? CRAZY!
In rain or shine, Zoey is my reliable farmhand. No fairweather farmer here!

When Zoey’s not out doing chores with me, she loves being out in nature. She follows Jack into the forest in search of wild edibles like ramps, morels, violets, or black raspberries. Sometimes all she wants to do is pick a few pretty flowers.

Sometimes, she just wants to sit on a swing and scream with excitement as she goes back and forth.

All that time outside usually means she wanders in with muddy boots, hair like a bird’s nest, with grit and grime all over her hands and face. Doesn’t make her any less adorable!


Even though she’s fine with being dirty as a piggy in the mud, she also knows how to clean up. She has her very own style.

 She pulls of post-apocalyptic steampunk model very well.
Another favorite of hers is the kitty cat teen princess. Very cute and on trend.
Because of her dedication to her own fashion, she can often be found sneaking makeup, making her own jewelry or dragging out the combs and hair ties to have her hair styled. Currently, she is into the Elsa/Anna styles: one braid to be like Elsa from Frozen, two braids to be like Anna. Just depends on the day.

Zoey is also a gourmand who enjoys making food as much as she likes to eat it. Like at the barn, Zoey is my shadow in the kitchen. The second I turn on the oven or pull out a pot, she’s pushing over the chair to get to the counter to help.

And, major side note: anything to do with unicorns–anything–and Zoey is all in.

Side note number two: Zoey does NOT like being reminded she’s not as big as her older sisters. She doesn’t like that she still has to take naps, she doesn’t like when anyone calls her a baby, and she does NOT like being left behind on bike rides because, well, her little tricycle doesn’t have pedals.

The morning of her birthday, Zoey was chic, alert, pristine, and tidy…
 …by bedtime, she…wasn’t. What happened all day? I’ll tell you, we had one wild ride.

After breakfast, she requested we make a giant cookie cake and decorate it with–what else?–a magical unicorn.


Even the horn was filled with M&M’s, so when she pulled it off, it rained M&M’s. Magical! 🦄


Since the weather was beautiful and Zoey being the nature lover she is, we all took a walk out in the Morgan/Monroe state park. It was a weekday and we only passed one other family in our three-hour visit. It was gorgeous and my idea of a fun birthday party.


We stopped by a cool, clear creek to splash around and look for fossils. It was almost too much to handle. So exciting!


Even though her day was pretty magical, there were still a few tears and frowns. Like the time I caught her painting her face with charcoal in someone else’s burned out fire pit. I think she didn’t want to be laughed at, but her little pout about broke my heart.

That face makes me want to cry just looking at her! 😥

 She also didn’t like being told that she shouldn’t run around the forest without shoes. Sad day.


You know what fixed it? Ramen. Yep. Her birthday dinner of choice was having campfire ramen before we headed home for cake and ice cream and presents.


Zoey was thoroughly spoiled with phone calls, gifts, cards, handmade items, hugs, kisses, and love. We sure

Make a wish, baby girl!

Initially, when I told Zoey her birthday was coming up, she resisted the thought. She insisted she was only one until I reminded her that she was actually two and that having a birthday would mean she’d get to be three like her twin cousin, Millie. Now, she’s thrilled that she’s a “big girl,” and all that it entails. Life wouldn’t be complete without our darling, sweet, witty girl. We are loving watching her unfold into the woman that she’ll be someday, but I am also enjoying taking it one day at a time, having her as my little shadow, my helper, my baby. Shhh. Don’t tell her I said that.

Being three is pretty rad.

Happy birthday, darling girl!


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