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That can’t be comfortable.

Whenever people find out we’re expecting another, one of the inevitable questions we get is whether or not there’s sibling jealousy when the new one arrives. In short: nope.

Peter doesn’t always appreciate Zoey’s affection.

So, when Peter was born, Zoey loved him like every other previous sibling has loved the new baby. She loved to sit next to me on the couch, holding baby Peter, and kiss him gently on the cheeks.


As Peter’s grown, Zoey has found it increasingly difficult to snuggle with Peter. He can crawl away, so she has to tackle him, or if she’s really on the ball, wrestle him into a bearhug when he first wakes up and isn’t totally aware of what’s going on.


Sometimes, Peter just goes with it. He accepts that she’s stronger and faster and that all she really wants to do is plant a kiss on his chubby cheeks.

Sometimes, he still has some fight in him and does his best to escape her grasp.
Not in the mood.
Day after day, it’s the same thing for Peter.
A pinch on the cheek…
…a kiss and an, “I love you, Peter!”
All she wants is to do is be buddies with her little brother.

It’s not a behavior that’s limited to home, either. Every time we go to the store, Zoey claims the spot next to or behind Peter so she can make sure she’s within hugging distance.


Sometimes it can be a tad exasperating to hear Peter shrieking in another room and knowing Zoey’s the cause of his frustration.

Not having it.
But, there could definitely be worse things than a sister who loves her brother too much.
Ahhh…happy baby, happy sister.

Once she masters being gentle and reading his body language (as in, if he’s trying to bite, scream, or scratch, he might not be interested in a kiss at the moment), then I’m sure he won’t mind a smooch or two, a squeeze, and an “I love you, Peter!”


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