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We had the first two-hour delay yesterday and wasted no time enjoying it. Jack is home from work this week and the snow was p-e-r-f-e-c-t for everything from sledding to snowman building. After letting everyone sleep in (at least who wanted to sleep in), eating breakfast, and using playing in the snow as an incentive to get the kids to clean up on of the rooms they’d messed up, we wriggled into our snow gear and drug the sleds out to the back of the pond.
Freaked the horses out listening to everyone scream as they went sledding.

They wasted no time getting their hands into the snow. By the time I got Peter and me bundled up, they were already building snow forts, stockpiling snowballs, had started a snowman, and were building ramps for the sleds.


I love watching the kids go down the hill. I remember the anticipation of being shoved down a hill on a sled, and every time they shrieked with delight as they went bouncing down.

Raven is never far behind either. She loves the snow as much as the kids and could have made a good sled dog in another life.
The slow-mo videos of Evelyn, Claire, and Kate really capture the joy on their faces as they took their turns.
Zoey is still learning to love sledding. She’d go down with her big sisters but the entire time would keep her hands over her eyes. Too intense for her just yet. 

When I gave the five-minute warning to go inside and get ready for school, everyone traipsed up the hill to hurry and squeeze every last second of fun out of the morning. The girls tried to fortify themselves but it was fruitless…


Jack is a merciless snowball fighter. He’ll chuck those suckers like he’s a professional baseball pitcher and more than once, he’s caught me off-guard.


The kids put up a valiant effort but there really is no hope when Jack can throw snowballs the size of their heads with great accuracy.


The whole time, Peter was a little underwhelmed by the whole thing. I don’t think he quite grasps what’s so fun about snow, but it was nice to get out for some fresh air after everyone had the stomach bug all week.


I had to prod the kids to go inside and get ready for school and understandably–who wants to go to class when they could have fun all day? So, I promised them something that always motivates them…

Henry ate his weight in snow.
 Hot chocolate.
I threw their coats in the dryer, they chugged their hot chocolate, and they may have been running to class but oh, well. School can wait for family time.
Evelyn’s snow baby.


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