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Whaaaaaa…..? How?
I remember climbing trees as a kid, but even that was pretty limited. With my crippling fear of heights (which I have mostly conquered thanks to A) Jack repeatedly pushing me onto rooves and B) having to climb ladders to get home improvements done. A lot), I didn’t do a lot of getting my feet off the ground. My kids take it to entirely new…(wait for it)…heights. 😂

Sure, they do their typical tree climbing and scaling ladders, but there’s a whole world of climbable things out there that I’m not entirely sure I considered as a child.

Heaven forbid I try to keep them off all the stacks of food at the grocery store.

If there’s a gate in sight, there’s no keeping the kids off of it, and with a barn, and several pastures, there’s always one nearby.

Morty is following in Zoey’s footsteps.
It’s especially helpful seeing the bigger animals eye-to-eye and getting them to come over when the kids have a treat to share. The sturdy gates good for keeping animals in are good for helping kids up.

When boredom sets in during another kids’ activity, the siblings climb to give themselves something to do. As long as they’re not in anyone’s way, being loud or unsafe, I shrug off their need to be higher up.


If they’re not climbing something inanimate, they’ll climb aboard someone else. Their favorite has to be Grandma when she comes and performs a traveling circus act with them.

When Grandma’s not in town, they’ll grapple over the top of each other to get an extra inch.
Whenever the twin cousins visit, our kids spend a great deal of time showing them the best places to perch, so they can have a good vantage point to watch the action without being in the way.
The kitchen beams are where all the action is at.
Even when they do climb trees, they pick some of the weirdest ones. Saplings that are barely the circumference of my wrist are able to hold their own against some pretty big kids.

The one place they climb that I try not to let get on my nerves are the walls of the homes. There’s the typical dirty-finger traffic that comes with a bunch of kids running up and down the hall, but we’ve also got foot and handprints smeared all the way up to Jack’s eye level because they kids were being goofy.

It is rather entertaining watching them come up with creative ways to get off the ground and so far, no one’s hurt themselves. The climbing will continue. It’s exercise, right?
And in case you’re wondering where the kids all get the urge to climb if I’m more than content to keep my feet on the ground: Jack.
Jack taking hide and seek to the third dimension.


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