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Our handsome guy is four!
It seems like only yesterday that I rolled out of bed and my water broke, three days earlier than my due date. Imagine my surprise, when every other baby I’d had was two weeks late. So, we went to the hospital, had a nice long labor (I guess at least that was as usual 😂), and out came our first boy. He was a big kid–all 23 inches of him–his sisters were in love with their baby brother, we deliberated for days over what to call him, eventually settling on Henry. Ever since then, we’ve been enamored with Henry, his sweet ‘n’ sour personality, his infectious smile, and easygoing nature.
Henry is one of those darling boys that people can’t help but love. He is smart as a whip, loves to help others, and is quick to make people laugh.

Though we love all our children, they’re each unique, and Henry is definitely all boy. I’ve been horrified at some of the things he’s done–more than once, I’ve had to tell him not to spit on, stab, bite, or headlock someone but when he turns around and apologizes, it’s so heartwarmingly sweet that people can’t help but forgive him, especially since he always includes a hug, a hand-drawn picture, and if he’s extra penitent, he goes outside and picks a wildflower bouquet.

He’s perpetually dirty and always silly.

When it comes to food, Henry always gives it an honest effort. Judging by the amount he eats already, he really is going to eat me out of house and home by the time he’s a teenager.

Chopsticks: nailed it.
Doubly true if it’s something sweet.

Henry is already following in his daddy’s footsteps. He loves the hardware store, getting dirty while fixing stuff, anything that makes a lot of noise (think chainsaws, fireworks, and tractors), and he’s had more bloody noses, cuts, stitches, scars (especially on his face! 🤦🏻‍♀️), smashed nails, prematurely wiggly teeth, and bruises than the rest of us combined. Kind of like Jack. 😜

If there’s one thing Henry loves, it’s his siblings. For a long time, he was given pitying looks and comments, seeing as all he knew were sisters but when we found out we were expecting again, you know what he asked for? Another sister. However, he is thrilled to have a brother that he can (eventually) wrestle and roughhouse with since his sisters don’t necessarily appreciate being tackled by Henry when they’re not expecting it. Whatever the case, he loves his family without question.

Henry is happiest when he’s outside. He still loves to swing in the hammock, I always know where he is because he’s screaming at the top of his lungs (sometimes I have to send him outside just so he can get it out), and he loves to jump, swim, run, and climb.


Henry has one of the world’s greatest smiles. Not much keeps him down, and his natural state is happy.

What a fun trip to Kings Island!

 If Henry knows you, you’ve got a friend in him. He’ll talk your ear off with a story and he loves to share treats out of his sweaty little palm with whoever is daring to open their mouth so he can pop it in for them.

Twin cousins!
Henry loves Halloween as much as I do. 

There isn’t a store we don’t go to that he doesn’t ask if we can peruse the Halloween section (even if it’s in the middle of summer) and he asks to listen to Halloween music whenever we’re in the car. He has the hardest time deciding what he’ll dress up as for Trick or Treating because he wants to be it all.


Henry’s birthday was an eventful one. We woke up to a thunderstorm and our power flickering on and off, eventually losing it altogether. He got to eat breakfast by flashlight and that right there made his day. Periodically, he’d also remind everyone that it was his birthday, and required us to wish him a happy birthday on command. Whatever he wanted, we did since he was the birthday boy. So when Henry said to wish him a happy birthday, we did.


After we dropped off his sisters, we had to run to the store to get him the last few items for his birthday dinner of mac ‘n’ cheese, a rainbow fruit tray, and ice cream to go with his cake. Since we couldn’t ride the horses outside, he settled on going on the penny pony.


Between lunch and picking up his sisters, we made his cake. His requirements were that it be Spiderman, chocolate, rainbow inside, and with monsters. Phew! We managed to pull off one incredibly rich and sweet cake that made him squeal with delight when it was done.


Same with his cake, his present requests were all for superheroes and firetrucks, so that’s what he got.

We are incredibly blessed to have this heroic, lively, handsome, charming, witty, and beautiful boy as part of our family. Time is flying by so quickly with him, and we can’t wait to see where life takes him as he continues to grow (which may include being a farmer, astronaut, dancer, firefighter, husband and father, and engineer, since he wants to do it all).
Happy birthday to our handsome, happy Henry!

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