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That’s a tired-looking Claire.

Now that Peter’s a few months old and I’ve been able to get back to a semi-regular exercise routine (life is still chaotic enough that I have to be flexible. And by flexible, I generally mean exercise is the first thing cut out of my schedule), I decided to get started on my racing goals for the year. I don’t have any visions of grandeur as a runner, but I do enjoy a race when I’m in shape for it, and when I have a race coming up, I make sure I’m in shape for it. A cycle that ensures I continue exercising whether I really want to or not.

Evelyn is my resident babysitter.

Even though the race required us to leave the house earlier than the kids usually wake up, Jack and all the kids willingly woke up, got dressed, and came to cheer me on. It may have had to do with the fact that I bribed them with a cookie if they got out the door on time. I had mentioned my race the evening before and Claire excitedly asked if she could run with me. I warned her that it was a 5k, but she reiterated how much she loved running. So, I had a running buddy for the morning.


When the gun was fired to start the race, Claire took off like a thoroughbred out of the gate. I reminded her (repeatedly) of the parable of the tortoise and the hare but she has a hard time reigning in her eagerness. So, I panted and tried to keep up, until about the first mile marker where she slowed down.

And then she really slowed down.

We walked a few times, then slowly jogged, then she wanted to walk again. Since we were within a mile of finishing, I told her I was going to go ahead and finish. Of course, by pulling ahead and setting the pace, Claire then pushed herself and did a good job trying to keep up with me.
Slow and steady won that race.

I’d like to point out that I beat Claire. 😜 Though I tease about running across the finish line first, I guarantee it’ll only be a few short years (or less!) before she really hits her stride, runs circles around me, and leaves me in the dust. For now, it’s fun to be able to run together. Ish.

Shy Claire can’t sink any further down into her shoulders.

We waited around for a few minutes afterward to cool down and hydrate. Claire was selected at random to win a prize, and she chose a shirt that’s probably big enough to be a nightgown, but she was tickled pink that she won something.


As a reward, Jack and the rest of the kids picked up some donuts to share with us when we finished. Being able to enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt is also one of the reasons I continue to run.

We were both pretty pooped after-the-fact but got our exercise in for the day, maybe a lesson learned about pacing, and now have another happy memory to share.

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