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First, Third, and Fifth

Summer flew by. Between a family reunion to Michigan, a trip to Nebraska for Independence Day, cousins coming to visit us, and an unexpected trip to Kings Island, it was go, go, go for the entirety of the girls’ summer break. Then, one day, we woke up, and it was time for school again.

My morning workload just became heftier.

Though we LOVED our last school, which was a tiny country school that had a great principal, wonderful teachers, and a very relaxed, hands-on approach to learning, we had a very hard decision to make come this school year. Their last elementary school only had up to grade four, which would mean Evelyn was going to have to go down to Martinsville for the rest of her schooling. Since we’re about as far away as we can be from Martinsville while still having a Martinsville address, and Martinsville being the total opposite direction that Jack goes for work and that I go to run errands, the possibility that the kids would’ve had to ride the bus was pretty high. On top of the distance, they’re currently converting the highway between us and the upper-level schools, which means Evelyn would be facing an hour bus ride to and from school every day. Long story short, that didn’t work for our family.

First day, new school. 
Solution? We discovered last year that a brand new elementary school was being constructed less than eight minutes away (which, to us, is CLOSE!), has fifth grade included in the building, and is in the direction of work and groceries. We decided to take a chance and enroll the girls.
They were accepted and after a tour of the school–which is A LOT bigger than their last school–and meeting their teachers, they began the school year with a little apprehension and abundant anticipation.
Claire was reunited with Morty.

Going back to school requires a new schedule for the entire family. It took a few tries to get naptime in before we had to go pick up the girls, mornings are a flurry of activity, packing lunches and getting dressed, and the afternoons are another rush when everyone comes flooding back home.


My favorite part about school is that while the children are apart, it seems to remind them that having siblings really is awesome. Oh, and that whole learning new stuff. It’s pretty amazing to see what all they come home knowing day after day.

Kate was firmly in the nervous section. 😂

This year, there were no tears, everyone happily said they would return despite any initial nerves, and they’re already making friends. I’m surviving too, even though I sent my three biggest helpers and babysitters away for a majority of the day. That’s life for you–when they get old enough to pull their weight, they’re gone! 😉

Back at it!
Here’s hoping for another fantastic year of growth, learning, and becoming closer, even when we’re far apart.

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