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Everybody loves Peter.
It’s already been two months since Peter has graced us with his presence and we couldn’t be more smitten with him. I’m always amazed how much personality comes with a brand new baby who’s barely had any experience here on earth. Peter is one of the most relaxed, go-with-the-flow, easy babies I’ve ever had. He’s extremely observant (a skill that comes in handy a lot for him), intelligent and alert, happy, and cuddly. Seriously, nobody can help but love a guy like him.

His days are mostly spent watching. People are always rushing around him, shrieking as they play (or fight 😉), sitting quietly as they read, while I cook or clean, or everyone’s splashing in the pool…

…or in the pond.

He doesn’t mind not participating yet. If he’s hanging out and patiently watching, chances are, someone is going to pick him up and hold him so he can get a better view.


He’s met the horses and cows, heard the turkey gobble, been sniffed by and approved by the dog and cats.


His favorite activity in the whole wide world is laying on my bed, watching the ceiling fan spin. It’s gotten to the point that he coos and kicks and smiles at it.


His siblings are always more than willing to help take care of him, though sometimes it’s a tiring duty.


But sometimes, even a smiling brother or sister just can’t do the trick and what he really needs is momma or daddy to cradle him.


I’ve had questions about how the kids are adjusting. As I assumed it would, everyone has welcomed him with open arms. The three older girls are like his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mother, Henry’s his best friend, and Zoey loves him so fiercely that sometimes, it hurts. Literally. She’s still working on getting the hang of gently kissing, hugging, and hand holding. He’s so cute, she can’t help herself!


My favorite part of watching babies grow is the increased opportunity to interact with him. Ever have a newborn smile at you? Melts your heart! 💕💕

Of course, nothing lasts for long with a baby.

Luckily, they aren’t complicated creatures–most likely, all they need is a diaper change, a full tummy, a good burp, and a nap, and they’re good.


Having a fresh one in the home is always a blessing and Peter couldn’t be a better addition to the herd of Rehomesteaders. Time flies so fast, especially when children are added to the mix, and we count ourselves blessed to have such a wonderful bunch.


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