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It felt like only yesterday that I was sending all three of the older girls off to another year of school at their tiny country school. I blinked, and their entire kindergarten, 2nd, and 4th-grade careers are already over! For all their hard work, they’re each smarter, wiser, and have more friends, and have grown and matured in ways that astound me.

The school supply dump.

They hopped off the bus, excited at the prospect that summer break brings them–unlimited swimming, staying up late to catch fireflies, family vacations, hiking, camping, s’mores, cleaning, working in the garden…okay, so maybe they don’t know all the stuff I have in store for them. All work and no play is no good, but all play and no work makes for some rotten kids. Life’s all about balance, right? 😉

Our art gallery, thanks to the girls’ art teacher.

Not really a surprise, but all the girls excelled at school. Kate went from illiterate to a reading maniac in a few short months. Claire and Evelyn maintained fantastic grades, and each of the girls won multiple awards and rewards for their good behavior, upstanding character, and test scores.

Evelyn named me as the person she most admires at 4th grade “graduation.” Aww…💕💕💕 
Part of this particular school year ending is that it’s extremely bittersweet. With a lot of thought, careful consideration, and prayer, the girls will be heading to another school in a new district next year. It’ll mean Evelyn can be in the same building with her sisters one more year (thus simplifying pick up and drop off, on top of the fact she likes seeing her sisters throughout the day), and it’ll keep them all from having an unnaturally long bus ride to and from school once they finished elementary school. The intermediate, middle, and high school are all to the south and with that distance (and in the opposite direction of Jack’s work and any type of shopping I do), it would add an hour long bus ride to and from school. So, instead, they’ll be going to a brand new school being built just minutes from our house, even though we’re right outside the boundaries. That way, everyone in the school will be new, and the girls can all make the transition together and when they do go to middle school, it’ll be early enough and in the direction Jack goes that he can take them before he goes to work.

Still, as much as it makes sense to send them, it was hard for them to say goodbye to friends and to the school that’s been so good to them.

While growing up, stayed in the same school district my entire schooling career and still know people I met on the first day of kindergarten, Jack moved around a lot as a kid and has reassured me that our kids will survive the change and make new friends.

The first day off of school was kicked off with a grocery shopping trip–the first with all six kids–but mercifully, Jack took the day off and went with us. We did a bit of work, had a lot of fun, and are going to acclimate to summer break just fine.

Grocery shopping is more fun with daddy!

They’ll be back in school before we know it but until then, we’re going to squeeze every last enjoyable moment out of break that we can! Children grow up way too fast (as Evelyn’s been reminding me), so we’re going to live up every moment together we can, work, play, fun, vacations, and all.

Evelyn teaching a math lesson about the value of fruit per pound.
 Happy summer break, all you lucky kids!
Kate’s wonderful teacher, Mrs. Harrington! 

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