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It’s been a few years since we’ve had a designated boys night/girls night but when the opportunity came for Henry and Jack to go camping with some friends, they jumped at the chance, leaving the rest of us girls (and Peter…funny these campouts always happen when I have a brand new baby at home, ha!) at home. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our own fun.


After smothering (sometimes a little too literally) Peter with affection, we made our very own personal pizzas. Most of them turned out decorated as a dog or cat or random Pokemon when they went into the oven.


They were identifiable enough when baked that the girls ooo-ed and aww-ed over their creations before devouring them. Seriously, I don’t know where they put all that food sometimes!

Kate must be having a growth spurt ’cause there was barely half a slice when she decided she was full.

We listened to music, whipped up a mean batch of peanut butter cookies, ate a hearty amount of cookies, and then went swimming to burn off all the excess energy from all the yummy food we’d snarfed down. 🤤


The girls spent a good hour splashing, teaching Zoey to swim, digging in the mud and making mud castles (ew…we need to get some sand to redo our beach area), and racing back and forth until they couldn’t lift their arms another stroke.


As usual, Peter hung out in his bassinet while he patiently let his sisters play. In no time, he’ll be toddling right along side them and going for a swim.


Not to be outdone since the girls were initial jealous that Henry and Jack got to go camping, we compromised. At first, they suggested we camp in our back yard which would have been fun except knowing I wasn’t going to get a full night’s rest with a newborn in the house, the thought of also sleeping on the hard ground out in the humid evening air didn’t sound terribly appealing. Sleeping downstairs satisfied their itch for adventure while allowing me to snuggle in my own comfy bed. 😉


The next morning, before sleep deprivation and resulting crabbiness set in, they woke me up with giggling and shrieks of laughter while they goofed around downstairs. We’d picked up a couple bags of donuts for fun, and it topped off the girls’ night adventure.


All we know of Henry and Jack’s adventure was that they also made pizza–which Henry dropped on the ground before getting his first bite–a muggy, humid evening, being eaten alive by mosquitoes, staying up way too late, getting accidentally whacked in the face by a friend’s ill-timed swing of the stick, hardly getting any rest, waking up only to realize they’d forgotten their bag of donuts (which only Henry was sad about) and learning how to be better fishers.

 Oddly enough, it’s hard to say who had more fun during round two of boys night/girls night. 😄

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