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Of all holidays, one of my favorites is Memorial Day. Sure, there are other more exciting holidays, like Christmas or Halloween, but Memorial Day is a simple day that doesn’t incur a lot of stress or require a lot of preparing. All that it truly requires is for us to remember.
Jack teaching Kate the art of rib rub in preparation for smoking them.

One of the other benefits of Memorial Day is it’s a guaranteed day off of work and school and when that happens that means we have fun together. And by fun, I mean work. Because work is fun. At least I think so (don’t ask the kids).

Hay is ready to be cut! Fingers crossed it A) stops raining and B) we can find someone reliable to actually come do it.

I’ve been eyeing our far west pasture to first have it cut for hay and second, finish repairing the fence so we can use it for part of our grazing rotation. After we burned and reseeded it, the grass is beautiful, nutritious, and practically weed-free. Plus, more fenced pasture means I can get more animals…right?? 😉

Peter’s first time in the carrier. Hands-free baby carrying is the only way to get things done around here.

The previous owner had it fenced off for cattle but the fence is so dilapidated that it looks like it hasn’t been touched in about sixty years. Our neighbor has generously begun stretching new cattle fencing on one side, so we focused our efforts on the other. I walked ahead and checked t-posts and pulled wire, while Jack mowed a path so we can better put up a Woody-proof fence.

If nothing else, it makes a lovely walking path.

All the fun work was cut a bit short when a rumbling thunderstorm rolled through the area. The kids had been up on the dam playing so they didn’t accidentally stumble into any poison ivy that always creeps out of the edge of the forest and with the first clap of thunder and fat drop of rain, headed for the safety of the house.

Head for the house!

Jack and I would’ve gone in too but right as the heavens opened up with a downpour…we discovered Dolly had escaped. We’ve had her separated from Woody for the past few days to dry her off so we can breed her again but she was through being separated from her baby. Usually, she’s docile, if not a bit ornery but that day, she wasn’t having it. She ran all over the property, into the back field we’d just been working on (good thing we had the fence restringed!) and through the garden (gah! 😒) before going back to the barn and being caught. Thankfully, all’s well that ends well.


One of the things I’ve been trying to be better about is balancing work and fun. While I realize I’m the only one who’d be happy working all day, the rest of the family likes to have a break. So, after the rain blew through, there was still time for fishing…

…and swimming with the giant peacock…

…and painting our hand-me-down hot tub. I do believe Henry may be taking after me in finding happiness in checking things off the to-do list.

Though we didn’t celebrate Memorial Day with a parade or visiting the family headstones like I used to do growing up, I realize the day was still incredibly significant. Because of those brave, honorable men and women who have and do defend our country–especially those who have paid the ultimate price, a lot of the things I have to worry about are relatively insignificant. I don’t have to worry about being persecuted, whether or not we’ll have food to eat, if our children will be able to go to school, if the government will protect my rights. All thanks to those who protect, defend, and serve.
Peter shares Grant for a middle name with Great Uncle Fritz, who died in WWII.

 I haven’t served in the military but am proud of the heritage I share with those who have. My grandpas, great-uncles, brother, cousins, father-in-law, friends… Of those, I feel a particular bond with Great Uncle Fritz, who served and died in World War II. Though I never even met him, visiting his grave every year with my grandma, she told stories about him growing up and how he died (plane shot down over Germany), which left an incredible impression on me. To honor his sacrifice and always remember the price he and others have paid, Peter shares the name Grant with him. I hope all our kids cherish that heritage like Jack and I do.

We ended the day with an ice cream run!
To all those who serve, we thank you and hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day, remembering all the blessings we’re each given because of another’s sacrifice.
💖 Happy Memorial Day from The Rehomesteaders! 💖

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