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Four generations done!

One of the goals I’ve had for the past several years was to expand my family history chart out to at least four generations. For the most part, it was easy since I could ask my grandmothers for information and records but sometimes, there’s a person who trips up the whole process. It’s not that they didn’t exist but for some reason, they’re difficult to track down.

I had no idea my great grandma was so much fun.

Four generations seemed like a good place to start. I wasn’t so far removed from the people that it was impossible to figure out who they were. Aside from the satisfaction of filling in the blanks, there’s something very real about remembering who came before me. It’s a recognition that the family that created me had their own lives, ambitions, hopes, goals, achievements, sadness, and purpose before I ever showed up to mortality. Writing down their names, learning about them, and seeing (and sometimes remembering) their faces reminds me that families are eternal. That’s why I think family history is important.

Grandpa Lamb.
Time to expand the goal to five generations!

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