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A bright, sunny Easter!

Easter is one of those holidays that really hits everything on the head–spiritually meaningful, fun, full of candy, family, and good food, during an exciting change of seasons…what’s not to love? After enduring a few chilly, gloomy, rainy days, we woke up to a warm, foggy morning that gave way to a beautifully sunny Easter day that seems so fitting for the holiday.

Um…no. We didn’t eat some of the candy while we were putting baskets together…

Every other morning, the kids sleep in until we wake them up for church but not when they know there are Easter baskets full of goodies waiting for them. Oh, no. They were up before 7am, running through the house and peeking for their baskets before Jack and I could even open our eyes. Note to the Easter Bunny/Self–if you don’t want the kids to find and perhaps sneak a few pieces of your candy, hide your basket waaaaaay up high.

He found it!

After an uplifting sacrament meeting, full of beautiful music, being elbowed nonstop from the inside and out by children, and reflecting on what the atonement of Jesus Christ means to me personally, we went home and enjoyed a quick lunch before everyone grabbed their rainboots and headed outside to hunt for eggs. A silly tradition, yes, but an enjoyable tradition all the same.

As usual, we missed a few eggs (the Easter Bunny really needs to do a map or something to remember), so whatever animal finds them will get a good meal and a few were trampled in their haste to find the next egg. Oddly, the ones in plain sight were the hardest for them to find. The biggest treat were the handful of Kindereggs Jack brought back from his work trip. Those things are always the highlight, whenever they turn up.

The King of all Kindereggs!

While dinner was being prepared, the kids napped, painted their Easter basket crafts, played outside, and riddled the deck with chalk art. Soaking up the sunshine was much needed and so appropriate for Easter.

Dinner was an absolute feast of steak, homemade rolls, fresh pineapple, morel mushrooms, fried dandelions, a half-foraged salad, garden asparagus, deviled eggs, and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I still can hardly move after eating.

Overall, our Easter was fantastic, aided by excited children, beautiful weather, delicious food, and remembering the sacrifice of our Savior, who was willing to help us through our sins, succor us in our infirmities, temptations, afflictions, and all the sadness that might befall us. We hope you had an equally wonderful day!
Happy Easter from The Rehomesteaders! 


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