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Toward the end of winter, we’re all eager for the arrival of spring. After enduring a cold snap while Jack was gone, we’ve been blessed with more sun, warmer temperatures, and the first of the flowers pushing up through the ground.

We have flowers in Indiana!

To celebrate, we’ve been spending every spare moment we can enjoying the outdoors, even if there is still a nip in the air. On Saturday, after a busy day cleaning, chores, and running errands, Jack suggested we have a pizza picnic. He picked up dinner and we got out our picnic blanket, got everyone to sit outside, and sent Claire back inside for cups. About three steps up on the back deck, she slipped and fell, loudly proclaiming her pain with a horrible wail that could have woken the dead. When she calmed down enough, we assessed the damage. She’d whacked her chin, scraped her throat…

…and about bit her tongue off. So, instead of a pizza picnic, we had an ER visit.

She whimpered most of the way to the hospital, crying again when I confirmed her fear that it was a very good possibility that she would most likely need stitches (in her tongue, no less!). When we arrived, we were seen fairly quickly and if there’s one thing I admire about Claire, it’s that even when she’s scared and in pain, she generally is in good spirits. Despite a sore face and numb tongue, she was polite, smiling, and especially happy to go home.


Lucky for her, the gouge in her tongue when her teeth slammed down on it was half a centimeter shy of needing stitches, so other than being told to ice it with popsicles, eat soft and liquid foods, and rinse with salt water, she was given the all-clear.

Our picnic will have to wait but escaping the ER without stitches, she was happy to forego pizza and eat popsicles instead.

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