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Henry found a flower to pick for me. Aww…

This winter hasn’t been particularly difficult in our neck of the woods, but we are always excited to welcome spring, green grass, and warmer weather. Usually, it feels like winter long overstays its welcome and pushes well into spring but this year, it seems spring is arriving a few weeks early. Fine by us!


Today was one of those magical, sunny days at the end of winter that warranted popsicles, bare feet, and playing outside while I finished up making dinner.

Claire put her bouquet making skills to good use and made me the very first wildflower bouquet of the year.

 After we had dinner and tidied up the kitchen, we all headed out to do our chores. The grass isn’t growing enough to sustain all the grazers, so there’s still hay to divvy out.

Cleaning stalls and sweeping out the barn is a lot more pleasant when my fingers aren’t frozen stiff.

We also worked on teaching our new cow how to stand to be milked. She’s only ever been hand milked and is an angel for that but I do not want milkmaid hands–thick and burly like overstuffed sausages. No, thank you. With a bit of coaxing, grain, and encouragement, she realized being milked wasn’t so bad. She even enjoyed a good brushing with the shedding blade afterward. What a good cow.


Once the chores were done, the kids found ways to entertain themselves in the most ridiculous ways. I love hearing them laugh, invent new and creative (and sometimes downright weird) games, and enjoy each other’s company.

Jack also got a jumpstart on clearing out the weeds around the pond via his favorite method: redneck weeding. Zoey wasn’t so sure about the roaring flamethrower and resulting fire but I have to admit, it is a very effective, quick, and efficient way to weed something that would otherwise take me a week to do by hand. Which is why I never bothered to do it.

When I announced it was time for bed, everyone complained that the day had already come to a close and you know what? No one said a word the fact that we spent the entire evening working, and that they hadn’t once turned on the TV. That’s the incredible thing about good weather: it makes the outdoors magical again.

Bring on the sunshine, warmth, greenery, and everything else good that comes from spring!

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