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After enduring the cold spell last week, we’re being generously rewarded with a patch of beautiful springlike weather and sunshine. We aren’t ones to be kept inside when it is cold but it’s so much more pleasant when our fingers don’t feel like their turning into icicles.

It’s officially spring…we have flowers!

With my list of things needing to be done outside growing, we took advantage of the sunshine and started with some landscaping while waiting for the girls to get home from school. I pulled the weeds that were still tenaciously hanging around from last season and Zoey and Henry handed me the pins for the landscaping cloth, in preparation for mulch and planting something other than the previous English ivy that had taken over.


It’s not all work, though. After getting off the bus, everyone kicked off their shoes and coats and surfed down the little plastic slide in the backyard, brushed the cats, and ran around until their feet were dirty.

Queen of the slide!
Though we’re headed toward spring, some of winter is still hanging around, and not in a bad way. The maple sap is still flowing, which is good for us. More sap = more syrup.

One of the first tasks I wanted to complete was to fix the back fence where Woody discovered he could weasel his way through (and if he can weasel his fat body through something, it’s in pretty bad shape). That way, we can put the cows back out with the horses when the grass does start to green up.


That meant there was a lot of clipping back errant saplings, rosebushes, and black raspberries, putting on new plastic fencers so we can electrify it, and tightening the high tensile wire.


One tree has been there a little longer than it should have been and we’ll have to figure out how to work around it. Literally. It’s woven in between every single line. Since it was getting late, we left that conundrum for another day.

One of the downsides of Indiana’s spring is that the ground that was frozen all winter turns to sticky mush, a fact Henry discovered to his dismay. He took the wrong route back inside and nearly lost a shoe and was suctioned in the ground until we could come rescue him.

He wailed until we came to get him, sure he was going to be there all night.

Once he was out, Claire went in to save his shoe, nearly getting stuck herself. Thank goodness for mud boots!


I wish I had Claire’s ability to laugh about mud! Because really, there’s little more that I hate than Indiana mud.

Inside, all scrubbed clean of mud and manure, everyone was ready to call it a day. That’s what hard work will do to you.

As tired as we are, we’re still hoping for more spring weather in the forecast so we can work and play as hard as hard as ever, except outside.

C’mon, Spring! 
(We’re ready for you!)


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