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The hens have really started picking up their regular laying schedule after their autumn molt and a break for winter, which means I sometimes have to find new ways to use them so we aren’t up to our eyeballs in eggs. This recipe was really great because a) it was easy, b) it was quick, c) I had everything on hand, and d) EVERYBODY liked it. They’re fast enough for a breakfast or brunch but we had them for dinner because, why not?



2 Tablespoons butter
2 Tablespoons flour
1 cup milk
3/4 cup shredded cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss…whatever you’ve got)
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 sheets puff pastry, thawed
18 eggs
1 to 2 cups ham, diced
Salt and pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 375F. In a small saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the flour and whisk to combine. Pour in the milk slowly, whisking the entire time and until smooth. Bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally until the mixture thickens. Remove from the heat and stir in the cheese until melted. Season with salt to taste and set aside. Roll both puff pastry sheets until thin and cut each sheet into nine equal squares (18 total). Line each well of the muffin tin with one puff pastry square, making sure to press firmly on the bottom and sides. Fill each cup with a small spoonful of cheese mixture, then crack an egg into each cup, followed by sprinkling the diced ham on top. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and brush exposed puff pastry with egg wash, if desired (1 egg beat with 1 Tablespoon water). Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until the eggs are set (depending on how runny you like your yolks). Serve warm.



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