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Before everyone dug in at our chocolate party smorgasbord.

Evelyn has proudly declared that of all days, certainly Valentine’s Day would rank up there as one of (if not THE) happiest day of the year. I know I’m uber spoiled when it comes to the amount of love we get showered with daily (even if it is between the bickering, whining, crying, backtalking, etc) but I can see a marked difference in my kids’ lavish attention on Valentine’s Day.

Homemade headband hair accessory.
I woke up to a flurry of handmade cards being shoved into my hands. EVERYBODY who could write or scribble made one for every other individual in the family. That’s a lot of cards!

After getting our morning chores done, we headed back to school and ate lunch with Claire and Evelyn (we were too tardy to catch Kate this time…sorry Kate!) and enjoyed a picnic style lunch with the girls.


Then, when we were done, they let the kids play with hula hoops and jump ropes until it was time to head back to class.

Even the animals had some extra attention. The horses got their hooves trimmed while Henry brushed them, the chickens and turkeys got a scoop of scratch grains, and the cows got their alfalfa. Everyone was well-tended.


Claire had gymnastics on Valentine’s Day, so we held off on our annual chocolate party until Friday night. Still, Jack made sure everyone was given their very own flowering plant in honor of the girls’ middle names, another tradition that they eagerly look forward to. Looks like we have some planting to do!


Before bed, they had one last surprise of mail from grandma. It’s better than bills and credit card advertisements any day!

When Jack came home on Friday, he brought another treat with him that’s been a blast–he had a new augmented reality toy from work that he was trying out. Each of the kids had a chance to wear it, and I made sure to take a turn. The technology he works on really is incredible and it’s fun watching the kids have their mind blown when they take a peek.
Henry trying to describe what he was seeing was hilarious.

 This year, we combined a hodgepodge dinner of sliced veggies, fruits, meats, cheeses, homemade croissants (oh, yeah…we went there), and homemade jerky WITH the chocolate party. Though the kids all stuffed more chocolate into their cheeks than we’d normally let them, they balanced it out with other foods. What’s life without a little indulgence once in a while, anyway?


We continued to graze, watching a movie and staying up past bedtime until it was clear everyone was tuckered out and could handle no more fun. They got in their jammies, brushed their teeth reeeeeally well, and went to bed…only to wake up just as early, as usual, the next morning and be crabby most of the day. Eh. I saw that consequence of gluttony coming from a mile away.

We hope you had fun celebrating your own wonderful Valentine’s Day, filled with friends, family, lots of love, and hopefully a bit of chocolate!


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