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Chalk on the deck: a favorite past time.

Wouldn’t you know, the day we spent cutting and chopping wood in preparation for more cold weather, we had a break in winter and have enjoyed spring-like weather for the last few days? No complaints here! We’ve been soaking it all in, and spending every minute we can outside.

Parton made some delicious sirloins.

By Sunday night, we were grilling out…comfortably, at least. We really don’t stop grilling because it’s cold and snowing but it’s nice to be able to stand outside and enjoy the weather while the meat is cooking.


Come Monday morning, the kids got ready fast enough that they had time to go outside and ride their bikes…with their backpacks on. We may have been a tad tardy to school but I make no excuses. We have to take the good weather when we get it!


One of the other benefits of a break in the cold is it sure makes it a lot easier to clean up after the animals. When it’s below freezing, all that manure/poo/turds/etc are also frozen. That makes it difficult to scoop up. So, since it was pushing 60F, Henry, Zoey, and I spent a good hour in the barn tidying up the stalls and coop so when/if it gets cold again, the barn is ready for any animals who might come back inside.

By the time the girls got home from school, they were on their bikes again, digging in the dirt, and decorating our deck with every chalk color imaginable.

In preparation for summer hikes, Jack has been spending the past few days making jerky out of some of Parton’s ground beef. I was a bit skeptical (I’m looking at you, icky storebought meatsticks) but it turned out pretty delicious. I guess we don’t just have to eat hamburgers with all that ground beef.

And, when it’s warm outside, the perfect way to cool down? Ice cream.
Fingers crossed more springlike weather (or spring itself) comes sooner rather than later!

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