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Growing up in Nebraska, there always seemed to be plenty of snow days, particularly the kind that were good for sledding, snowball fights, and building snowmen (or snowcats, if you’re Claire). Not that I don’t appreciate the more mild Indiana winters (although the gray skies…ugh), I have come to truly appreciate the perfect snow day in Indiana. Luckily for us, this time, it landed on an otherwise mostly unoccupied Saturday.

Henry loves the snow!

Our first trip outside, we spent an hour shoveling the driveway. About halfway through, some of the kids got cold, so we headed in and had lunch.


After lunch and naps, we all went out together and headed out to the sledding hill. Raven, being the virtual sled dog that she is, came with us, running circles around everyone because snow is so exciting to her. Hercules tagged along, too, until he was nearly run over by a sled because he wouldn’t get out of the way. Indignant, he returned to the warm garage to heat himself up on our boiler.


After building a ramp to give the start a little extra umph, everyone took their turn sliding down the snow.

Henry screamed the whole way down…
…Kate shrieked the whole way down…
…and Claire giggled the whole way down.
…and Evelyn skidded and tumbled all the way down.

Last time, Zoey was too young to enjoy time sledding with us but today, she had her first trip down the hill with Jack. She wasn’t terribly sure how much she enjoyed it but sure did enjoy watching everyone else.

Mostly though, she was content to munch on snow like it was some sort of delicacy. 

When sledding became tiring, we built snowmen, snow forts, and had a snowball fight that was basically Jack against the world because he throws snowballs like a major league pitcher. Yeah, there were a few tears because he pelted someone in the face. I’m sure they’ll get even when they’re older.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in all the work that comes with winter but it was so nice to stop and enjoy the fun it has to offer all together.

Quality family time during a perfect snow!


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