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Snow angels!

Though I grew up smack dab in the middle of a large city, there is no mistaking that my kids are farm kids. They’re milkmaids and cow whisperers, horse trainers, and gardeners. That means, a lot of times when they’re looking for fun, they find something around the farm to keep themselves amused. Yesterday, it was sliding around on the frozen pond:

Once in a while though, it’s fun to take the kids into town. After the kids did a (mostly) stellar job cleaning the house without whining, we decided to take them to the mall to spend their Christmas money.


It’s kind of hilarious watching them walk through the mall because there’s so much to see. Left and right, they were gasping at all the adorable toys, funny clothing styles, and the gobs and gobs of candy and delicious smelling food.

He found Iron Man! Only $11,500 retail…maybe next Christmas?

After visiting several stores and teaching the kids the value of shopping around, they couldn’t handle it anymore and begged to go back to one of the stores where they found a wide assortment of big-eyed stuffed animals just pleading to be taken home. Yes, I let them spend their money on more stuffed animals. It’s a good thing I love them. And that I recently cleaned out the toy closet.

Everyone had to stand in line and pay for themselves, get their change, and tell the cashier thanks.

Since their change was burning a hole in their pockets, everyone–except Claire, who had bought an extra, tiny stuffed toy to hook on her backpack–decided to splurge on a treat. Kate bought a cupful of edible cookie dough (like she doesn’t get enough of that at home…)…

…and everyone else went to a frozen yogurt chain that had a flat rate, self-serve cup, which everyone filled to overflowing.


It was really nice to have everyone content, eating and sharing their treats, and excited and grateful for the new thing they had, even if it was only for an afternoon.

With the spare change they had leftover, they enjoyed a rare trip to the gumball machines and spent the very last of what they had.

A few hours after we went in, everyone was pooped and ready to go home, including me.

But, after a long day cleaning and having fun, the last thing I felt like doing was going home and cooking, so Chinese buffet it was! I guess that was my splurge for the week.

She loves fish and seafood…except one of the sushi, which she discovered had raw fish. Just ONE of them.

Now that we’re back at home, we’ve resumed our normal entertainment, with snuggly cute stuffed toys to remind us just how much fun these farm kids had in the city.


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