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Weekends are incredibly precious, extremely busy times for our family. Usually, they’re filled with church, home improvement projects, cleaning (always cleaning…), and the day to day chores of running a farm. It’s not all misery and woe though–we do find a lot of time to relax and have fun together and if we’re really lucky, we might even take a weekend trip to explore somewhere new. So, when we had a long weekend, stuck at home from and ice and snowstorm, what did we do?

I love Claire’s face. Tomatoes are gross but they make some delicious foods!

Seriously. There’s nothing like being forced to stay at home to find the time to do all the stuff we’ve been putting off. This time: processing tomatoes. When the garden started producing tomatoes like crazy, I kept stuffing them in the freezer until I had time to turn them into something else. Several hours after we started, we ended up with eighteen quarts of canned pizza sauce. Bring on Friday pizza night!

Henry was the sauce guy.

I love when Jack is home to take over some of the domestic duties–especially cooking. He wanted lasagne but since we didn’t have any noodles or marinara sauce, it turned into a very messy cooking lesson…

Making her very first noodles!
 …that culminated in a very yummy lunch.
Yes. We might have stayed in our jammies all day.

As an unwritten rule of snow days, there has to be a treat served in there somewhere. This time, Evelyn helped me make a yummy batch of sweet orange rolls.

When everyone was tired of cooking and canning, they turned to some creative forms of entertainment. Oragami was folded like there was no tomorrow, then hung wherever they could find space.

They worked on their embroidery skills…
…so I could complete another task I’ve been putting off: patching pants.
Isn’t that the cutest little cat patch you’ve ever seen??

When we finally went a little stir-crazy with cabin fever, we knew we had to take drastic measures.

Everyone bundled up, braved the biting cold, and went to the sledding hill for the second time this winter.

Back inside, we warmed up with hot chocolate, a movie, and sharing ice cream. Because you can’t not share with a toddler who stands next to you, mouth open like a baby bird until something is put in it.


Since we didn’t have any work or school on Monday, the kids had a sleepover downstairs, where they did more playing than sleeping. Oh, well. Naps all around!

Sometimes, I wish we had more long weekends but when they do come along, they are entirely appreciated and always memorable!

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