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Always watching.

While out taking care of the animals the other day, I noticed Woody, just calmly observing me. While I moved Dolly and Parton to greener pastures, he just stood, staring and waiting to see what I was up to. Sometimes, I really wish I knew what was going on through the animals’ heads because Woody isn’t the only one I catch watching me.


The turkeys have gotten more comfortable with their new home and sometimes, come all the way up to the kitchen back door to take a peek inside.


Stoney and Dancer are always watching, hoping that I’m bringing them a scoop of grain to satisfy their voracious sweet tooth.

6-9273952All winter long, the cats watch me from their warm perch on top of the boiler in the garage, while I fetch firewood for the wood stove.
And the kids? Someone’s always got their eyes on me.
Someone’s always watching.

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