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I love those first baby photos!
I think we all knew it was coming…we’re expecting baby number six! We are thrilled to have another (and probably the last–as Jack will point out, I’m a geriatric mother after all this time) baby coming to our home, due at the end of April. Because, you know, we aren’t already busy enough with Jack, Zoey, and Stoney’s birthdays.
The big question has been, boy or girl?
Honest to goodness, we’d be happy with either. I love having girls (despite what people say) and love having a boy (despite what people say). Even since before we found out we were expecting, our kids and the twin cousins have been begging for another girl.
Evelyn has Kaylee…
…Claire has Lydia…
…Kate has Elsa…
…Henry has Holton…
…and Zoey has Millie.
But who’ll be a twin cousin for Felicity?
Sorry to break with tradition
…but our next baby is a BOY!
I think Zoey was hoping for twins!

At first, Henry wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a brother until we explained the boys wouldn’t be quite so outnumbered at home and the girls think it’ll be nice for Henry to have someone to roughhouse within a few years.

All around, we’re all thrilled that another little one is on the way!

(And I guess my goal of losing the baby weight will have to wait a little while…)


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