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They’re all smiling now…

The high school cross country club hosted an elementary school race so kids could get a taste for competitive racing. Though it’s not my girls’ first race (they’ve done everything from the Black Hat Dash to the Color Me Green Race), it’s the first run they did where I didn’t participate with them and therefore, couldn’t prod them along when they got tired.

Watching the boys get started.
We arrived in time to watch the boys take off…and then waited. And waited. And waited for them to finish. Let’s just say kindergarten boys aren’t the fastest animals on the planet.

But then it was the girls’ turn! They did a few warmups with the high school girls who’d volunteered at the event and when they were all ready…

…they were off!

The course was just over a mile and it was no surprise to see Claire chugging along at the front of the pack.


A lot of her athleticism comes naturally, so even though she hadn’t specifically trained for it, she was able to keep up her pace all the way to the end.

Run, run, run, as fast as you can!

Kate and Evelyn take more of a tortoise and the hare approach. They chugged along at a slower pace and always stuck together for moral support.

So, while Claire was kicking it into the finish line…

…Evelyn and Kate had downgraded to a leisurely stroll, enjoying being spritzed with water by volunteers along the way, and when they were good and ready, walked across the finish line.


Everyone (of course) got a participation ribbon and a snack when they finished and while the girls completed the race using different tactics, Jack and me–and they–were incredibly proud that they toughed it out, regardless of the outcome. Yay for finishing something challenging!

Still smiling!


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