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While autumn rolled in a few weeks ago, it’s felt anything but fall-like. We still had sweltering temperatures, persistent mosquitos, and sweaty, irritable livestock that were ready for the weather to take a break. Seeing that Mother Nature was finally going to cool things off, we used the last hot day to take one last swim. Everyone ate dinner in record time, got in their swimsuits, and hurried outside to bicker about who’s lifejacket was whose and who got to use what pool noodle and who could swim out to the giant peacock the fastest. All in good fun, though.

Hate to tell you this, Evelyn, but I don’t think you’re gonna win.

Henry was the first into the water and he quickly declared, “It’s cold!” No doubt! While the days have been hot, we’ve woken to the pond steaming in the chilly morning air. That didn’t stop anyone, though.


Zoey and Henry were happy to splash at the shallow end and chuck handfuls of sand at anything that moved while the older girls swam out to the enormous pool floatie Jack’s parents brought for us.


They engaged in a game of King/Queen of the peacock, which they inevitably always lose against Jack. Maybe someday, when he’s a geriatric old man, they might be able to out-muscle him to win. Until then, they squeal with delight every time they’re tossed into the water.


Eventually, the cold water proved to be too much. The sun was going down, and everyone crawled out with blue lips and goosebumps. After drying off, they helped store away all the water toys in the shed until next season.

…and said goodnight to the horses…
 …then pulled out the peacock and deflated it, before putting it in storage.

I would say that between evening swims on hot summer days and visiting cousins, the pond got plenty of good use this year. While I am excited for the cooler weather and accompanying bonfires, I will miss watching the kids cool off in the deep waters of our backyard pond.

 Until next year!


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