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Chaos between photos.
Sometimes, I think I falsely give off the image that everything is perfect in our neck of the woods…that it’s all roses and rainbows and happy animals and well-behaved children, the weather is mild, the food is perfect, and nothing ever happens to go wrong.
Not even close!
What I am working on is trying to see the positive in otherwise irritating, tiring, frustrating situations so that more often than not, we have happy moments.

Sometimes, it’s so aggravatingly hot that the only thing that feels good is being hosed down with cold well water. Good thing we have a hose handy.


Sometimes we go to the beach and it’s so absolutely frigid that we can only last a few minutes before wrapping up in a warm towel. Good thing we had a bag full of them.


Sometimes the kids make monumental messes that I don’t even want to look and see the damage. When I do, and they’ve managed to avoid getting it on the carpet, I’m more than grateful for that.


Sometimes, sweet tooths take over and the kids will do anything to satiate it, including digging in the garbage for old Nutella jars. Good thing for innovative, independent children!


Sometimes, we get stung or bit or poked by ornery wasps living in the barn. Thankfully, we have a barn in the first place.


Sometimes, we’re almost late to school because Claire gets lost outside, saying good morning to the cats. Good thing we have children who love animals as much as I do.


Sometimes the kids yell at each other so shrilly I’m surprised the windows don’t shatter. Good thing they’re quick to forgive each other.


Sometimes, our neighbor thinks he’s helping and mows over our row of hazelnut trees while fixing the fenceline. Good thing trees can be replanted, Nutella can still be bought in the stores, and he fixed the fence in the first place.

Sometimes church is exhausting. Good thing we can still all go together.

Sometimes Jack is tired from arriving home late from work trips, only to have to wake up and get to the office. But it’s a good thing when daddy is home.


Sometimes the baby sisters are wiped out and Evelyn’s their only pillow option. Good thing they have a big sister who’s willing to let them rest their heads.

Sometimes the bookshelf is an absolute mess. Good thing we have a bunch of readers!

Sometimes, they just want to be the baby again. Good thing our kids will have a long, happy childhood.

At least she didn’t cut her hair like Claire did…

Sometimes, they get gum stuck in their hair. Good thing Kate can find humor in just about anything, especially if it means warm water, peanut butter, and a thorough hair washing.


Sometimes the garden we plant gets eaten but bugs and overrun with weeds. Good thing plants are resilient and produce anyway.


Sometimes, our dog wants to go for a swim, leaving her smelling like wet dog. Good thing she’s willing to try something new and dries off quickly.


Sometimes the kids are so wiped out from having fun that they can’t keep their eyes open. Good thing they get to make all these memories.


Sometimes we’re so dirty, hot, or stained from being outside that no amount of scrubbing will get rid of it. Good thing it’s nice enough to go barefoot and that no one really looks at our feet, anyway.

Evelyn and I aren’t a fan of heights…
Sometimes, it’s terrifying working on our fears. Good thing we can face them together.

Sometimes, life is perfect and goes exactly as planned but for all those other times, good thing we can look on the bright side, that we have each other, and that we have those sweet memories to hang on to!


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