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One of our recurring goals is to have professional family portraits once a year and for the past few years, we’ve met that goal. Since fall is my favorite time of the year for the weather and fantastic tree colors in Indiana, we’ve always done them in October or November. But, this year we switched it up and had a summer photo session, in part to enjoy photos while we weren’t absolutely freezing and because the twin cousins were visiting.

Smile, Zoey!

 We were up early to be able to catch the fantastic lighting but we told the kids all week that we were going to have pictures taken, so at least for a few minutes after we’d woken them up, gotten them dressed, and sent them outside, they were excited about it before they realized they were, in fact, tired and hungry.


One of the other challenges is that I didn’t put two and two together to figure out a couple of the children were on the cusp of being ill, which accounted for some of their unusual slowness that morning. Still, they smiled.

And smiled.
And smiled.
Early morning summer smiles.

Though the horses missed out on their photo shoot this time, the cats are pretty arrogant about photobombing.


It wasn’t so bad though. It perfectly captures Claire’s love of felines, which made for some awfully adorable pictures.

Snickers and Kate, both pretty girls.

After all the kids and their cousins had their individual photos, we headed around to the other side of the pond for some different scenery.

Twin cousins are the best!
 But, there’s always time to stop and smell the flowers.

The cousins took photos all together, which was a miracle in itself, to get all the kids looking and with a semi-smile on their face was all I could ask for.

Then, each family had some pictures that captured everyone’s personalities perfectly.
And, a few couples shots.

Of course, when it comes to kissing photos, I can barely keep a straight face. I’m not one for PDA in general, so when it’s something to be captured on film, I can’t stop giggling, especially when Jack is egging me on.

This reminds me a lot of one our engagement photos…
 So, Jack suggested a different tactic and we took to the water…
…and made out there, instead.
I must say, it is a rather artistic shot. Cover of a sweet romance novel, anyone?

My favorite shots though are the candid ones Charley sneaks when no one’s looking. They really capture those special moments that would otherwise seem unimportant.

And hats off to Charley for being able to work through the chaos and find everyone’s smiles.
Including those hard-to-please toddlers.
Thank you Charley from Imzadi Studios for another special round of family photos! 


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