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Our handsome, sweet, clever boy is now THREE!
Henry came into our family after a difficult time and has been a blessing ever since, whether he’s swinging quietly in the hammock, he’s pondering life’s deepest questions, or helping Jack with some redneck weeding. As with any of our children, it’s incredibly difficult to sum up Henry. He’s a mixture of me and Jack but is most decidedly his own person that’s full of humor, ingenuity, and a healthy sense of fun. So, if I had to try and define Henry, this is what I’d say…
Batman never misses a Sunday evening call with the grandmas.

Henry is always the first to volunteer to help and often cries and screams if he gets passed over to unload the dishwasher or take out the trash.

Fixing dad’s car.
He doesn’t care what kind of helping he’s doing. He could be stacking hay…
…or pulling clothes out of the dryer…
…or grinding wheat for bread…
Our little milkman.
…or cleaning up at church…
…or helping in the garden…
…he even wanted to make his own birthday cake! No matter the chore, job, task, or project, Henry wants to be in the thick of it and will work until he poops himself out.
Nothin’ like a three-year-old making his own cake.

We’ll come inside from working and more than once, he’s zonked out on the couch because he was too tired to wait for nap time.

Henry looooooves being outside. If water is involved, that makes it ten times more exciting.

He’s super adventurous and is willing to try just about anything. For example, this scorpion coated in a berry sucker. He proudly declared he was going to eat it all and he gave it a good go but once he got to the scorpion, he was pretty sure he didn’t like it and spit it out.

On the couch.
Because that’s the logical place to dispose of unwanted food.
It tasted so good to start with…
 To say he has a sweet tooth is an understatement.

But, despite his love of sweets, he is very dedicated to his physical health. Whenever we go running, he asks to get out and jog, he lifts weights like a pro, and he’s definitely more flexible than me.


Living in a sea of girls (even like, 98% of our animals are girls), Henry has heard his fair share of quips about how people feel sorry for him living with so much estrogen. I don’t feel sorry for Henry in the least. He is very much aware he’s a boy (a distinction he keeps reminding everyone about frequently, as of late), and he loves his sisters fiercely. As an added bonus, that kid is going to grow up with great insight into the female psyche, which can only come in handy.


Seriously, you should see how excited he gets when the girls get off the bus every day. We’re talking ear-piercing shrieks of joy and running like mad to greet them. He doesn’t know anything else but sisters!


He also is well-aware that Jack is the only other boy in the family and loves him dearly for that. He wants to grow up to be just like daddy and is sure Jack is his best friend. Behind me. Because as the expression goes, Henry is totally a momma’s boy.

Henry wasn’t sure he wanted to say goodbye to Jack for his business trip.
Henry is fierce.
Whatever you do, don’t put your hand in the lion’s mouth. His teeth are sharp!!!
Henry is hilarious.

He is fascinated by music in all it’s forms and often can’t help but sing or play along or dance to it.

He is such a willing sharer.

He is only three.
He’s got a vivid imagination.
And all his wonderful traits are what makes him a really, really good friend.
Henry is always up for an adventure.
Going on a Sunday afternoon berry hunt.

He has a thing for hiking, especially if he gets to help Jack find edible mushrooms, berries, or flowers. Oh, and he has to bring a flashlight with him, even if we’re out under the noonday sun.

Henry is a summer warrior.
Nobody messes with Henry when he’s busy swimming.

Any loud, dangerous machine and Henry is there like a moth to the flame. It beckons him and he can hardly wait until the day he’s allowed to mow and chop down trees and run the miter saw.

Better than dinner and a show!

Thankfully, he takes safety seriously. He wears a helmet while riding his bike or atop Stoney, he has his own pair of safety goggles, and he always wants to be the one to buckle himself.

What are you saying about my driving, Henry?
He is a farm kid through and through.
Sweaty, barefoot, covered in berry juice, and petting the horses.

He’s very interested in my writing career. Someday, maybe we’ll pen a book together. With his imagionation, it would be epic!


So, really, that’s only a fraction of who Henry is. He’s simple yet it’s hard to put him into words.

Claire told me he his Spiderman cake looked like a fuzzy pink animal. At least Henry liked it…

Henry had a fantastic day, seeing his friends at church, gorging himself on cake, talking to extended family, opening all kinds of exciting gifts (LIKE SOCKS!!! WAHOO!), letting his sisters dote on him, and telling everyone he came across that he’s no longer a baby. He’s three, people! We are so blessed to have this amazing boy in our family and are looking forward to the man he will become but until then, will cherish all the time we can get with Henry.

Happy birthday, Batman! Er, Henry!
Happy birthday to our handsome,
happy, hilarious, huggable Henry!

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