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It’s not often that I get away but once in a while, I find myself on a solo adventure. This time, it was girl’s camp with the youth I serve with at church.

Making friends while making cards.

Though I’d planned on showing up earlier in the week and for longer, I wasn’t able to arrive until about 12 hours before camp ended (Jack had a last minute work trip that kind of sucked up the whole week…). So, by the time I showed up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, everyone else had been hot, sweaty, and exhausted all week while I’d been at home enjoying air conditioning and internet access.

Can’t remember how many goldfish she actually took home…

By the looks of the camp, they had plenty of activities to keep them busy, from games, activities, crafts, music, being on the lake, catching the resident kitty, and observing wildlife.

The kitty looks like Snickers! 
Some of the wildlife experiences were awfully close up, too!
Hanging out in his hole.

On our way to the bathroom to brush teeth before bed, we stumbled on a black snake hanging out of her hole. She scared several people but seemed content to hang out there. I nudged her a bit with a stick but without the ability to determine what kind of snake she was, I let her be.

Say cheese!

However, being an early riser, I discovered the snake, which I can now identify as a Southern black racer, was still hanging out in her hole come morning light. So, to prevent anyone from being started by her, I found a stick and moved her to the safety of the forest undergrowth. At first, she didn’t care for being moved and struck several times like she was sure she was poisonous but after a moment of struggle, decided the trip wasn’t so bad.


I sent the selfie to Jack, who asked if I had taken the snake into the cabins to help give motivation to girls who were struggling to get out of bed. I honestly wish I would have thought of that myself…but I’m not quite as cruel and mischevious as Jack.


So, the black racer went on her merry way…ironically very slowly for something that’s supposed to be so quick. There were plenty of toads and fireflies to catch, too, as well as mosquitos, cockroaches, noseeums, spiders, moths, and on and on. Gotta take the cool with the not-so-cool when it comes to the wilderness.

I look so tan!

Since I was up early (and knew I would be…I’m 100% a morning person and haven’t slept past 7:45 in I don’t even know how long), I used the quiet morning as my very own writing retreat and got another chapter written before breakfast. That’s a good way to start the day if you ask me!

What a beautiful view!
After breakfast and awards, it was time to clean up, pack up, and go home.
The girls singing for a Friday night program.

While I basically got a sample of girl’s camp (nothing like Jack’s trips to scout camp), I was still happy to be able to go and can’t wait until my girls are old enough to go! So I can put snakes in their cabins…kidding! 😉

Someone’s happy to see me.
 Until then, the adventures continue at home!


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