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Finally!  A bull calf was born!

Last night, we were playing around outside and checking the animals and still wondering when on earth Dolly was going to finally have her calf. I took one look at her udder and said if she didn’t pop that night, I’d be surprised.

Called it!
Found him when he was just an hour or two old!

 I went to the kitchen to get breakfast started and looked out the window and spotted a tiny brown lump laying beside Dolly. So, we went out to say hello.

He’s was just born when we found him–still wobbly on his feet, with a fresh umbilical cord and still slick from the ordeal. Plus, he was super naive. He didn’t flinch when I pet him and just wanted to snooze. So, we let him.

Funny enough, the calf was born on the very day that Jack’s new six-week paid paternity leave from work takes effect. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s going to be able to cash in on that perk, though he sent an email around at work and some people thought we’d had another baby, haha! In following with tradition when a new baby is born, Jack swung by a bakery and grabbed some bagels to share.

He’s happy that he wasn’t born in February but not super happy that he was born during the biting fly season.

As you can probably see, the new little bull doesn’t exactly look like his mama. Before we bought Dolly and Parton, she was running with an angus herd, which is how her little calf is darker and has the cutest white socks and white tip to his tail. He’s sturdy and big boned like beef cattle but some of the bony hips like dairy cows.

The calf is pretty sure Raven is his reflection.

A little later in the day, I went out to check on everyone and already, the calf’s instincts have literally kicked in. When I walked back to pet the calf, he took a swipe at me with his head and got in a couple good kicks in self-defense. Thankfully, it’s pretty harmless and cute at the moment but I’m hoping to handle him more before he gets too big to wrestle (…like Parton). Still good to know he’s a fighter and isn’t going to be pushed around.

We are so excited that the calf has arrived, safe and sound, that Dolly is such a good mother, that now, we can have fresh milk again, and that Parton has a friend. We’re open to name suggestions (I want to name him Wood, so it’s Dolly+Wood=Dollywood, haha), but I haven’t sold everyone on it. Whatever we end up calling him, he’ll still be cute!

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