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Wishin’ she was fishin’.
The first time we looked at the home we’re now living in, the first thing I thought was, “Gee. That pond is awfully close to the house.” It has since grown on me. I have yet to have my foot slip on the gas and drive our car down into the water (knock on wood!), I love being able to watch the water while cooking or doing dishes, and it has been a fun source of family bonding time.


Of course, there is the downside that it is entirely too convenient for the kids to wade into. I’ll say it’s time to go, they say, “Okay!” and run outside and by the time I get out the door, they’re sloshing around, trying to catch minnows or collecting shells.
The girls usually are pretty good about keeping dry but every time Henry dips his toes in the water, it’s a guarantee he’s going to end up sopping wet.

Now that it’s finally warmed up (seriously…it feels like the pond was still frozen just last week), we get out the swimsuits at least a few times a week. Zoey sometimes splashes around at the shoreline but often, prefers to keep watch from her tower.

Even if we’re not going to swim, we still enjoy hanging out pondside. It’s so serene just sitting by the water, watching the fish splash, maybe case a line or two, and watching the barn swallows dip in for a drink.
Also, one of the side effects of being at the pond is that the kids are constantly exploring. They aren’t grossed out by the ecosystem or creatures in and around the water, and it’s really enjoyable for me to watch them quietly observe the world around them.
Pond Life
Speaking of pond creatures, there are a lot of things that call our pond home, from fathead minnows, largemouth bass, bluegill, sunfish, and very quick, slippery frogs…
…the occasional (non-venomous…phew!) snake…
…lots of fat (and Jack is sure tasty) crawdads…
…and one very adorable painted turtle the kids named…wait for it…Turtle.
Evelyn found him swimming against some choppy water one day before it had really warmed up so he got to come inside and live in a nice cushy aquarium until the below-freezing nighttime temperatures had passed. Now, he’s living the life of luxury around the lily pads and bald cypress tree. Assuming a fish or bird hasn’t eaten him. That’s the circle of life in a pond.
Though I naively thought ponds were kind of self-contained, easy-to-keep farm amenities, there is a surprising amount of work that goes into them. If it’s not chasing off the geese and ducks, it’s keeping weeds under control, checking fish populations, and a never-ending battle with algae.
But, a little hard work never scared us off and as far as we’re concerned, the benefits far outweigh the costs.
We could really get used to pond life!

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