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Ice cream + Art = Win
Most Friday nights, we like to stay at home and putter around the house and yard, basking in whatever weather we have (whether it’s snow or the perfect spring day), fishing, repair or fencing projects, riding the horses, exploring the forest, watching a movie, or just enjoying each other’s company. But, once in a blue moon, we like to go into Indy to see what there is to offer and make sure we’re still at least somewhat cultured.
Anything with an engine is alright by Henry.

A few weeks ago, Jack suggested we check out the Stutz Art Gallery open house. Kids were free (which is always a perk we take advantage of) and it was something different to do. So, we loaded everyone up and headed back to town once everyone was home. The building itself is an interesting structure that used to be, at least in part, an old car garage. That would probably explain why some of the displays were restored cars. That certainly piqued Henry’s interest.


Sometimes, no matter how much I plan, I still run into trouble, trying to cram too many things into the allotted time. For some reason, I didn’t anticipate that we wouldn’t be able to make it back into town before dinner (I don’t drive to Indy very often and kind of forget about travel time). So, just as we got to the art show and began looking around, everyone’s stomachs began rumbling. Thank goodness we discovered a lot of free ice cream, candy, and hors d’oeuvres. A steady stream of food and all was right with the world again.


There are a few larger rooms but a great deal of the building is comprised of smaller rooms that artists have rented out as studios. So, we mingled around to see what kind of art people had to offer.

I asked Claire what she thought it reminded her of and she had no idea. Me neither.

Some was the stereotypical abstract art that kind of blew the kids’ minds. Though they loved the colors, they couldn’t wrap their minds around why something that looks like Henry created could be so expensive (try $12,000!). Seems like I should be getting our kids to work so we can sell their stuff. They certainly have comparable talent!


Other artwork was much easier to admire because of the uniqueness and skill involved. The girls particularly loved an artist who did everything by fingerpainting. Either that lady had tiny hands or she was really skilled with paint on her fingertips.

Kate pondering which tiny fingerpainting was her favorite.

There were photography studios, sculptures, poetry readings, jewelry, pottery, cars, live music, and lots and lots of paintings.

One of Henry’s favorites, which he proudly proclaimed.

Like all art forms, some just didn’t speak to us. Anything that celebrated the dark, disturbing side of human nature we skipped over in favor of art that was bright, cheerful, and colorful. Life’s too short to dwell on the depressing, weird, sickening stuff.

Not Claire’s favorite sculpture.

Once everyone had their fill of snacks and their feet were tired, we decided to go home, unwind, and go to bed.

Waiting for the crosswalk light.

It was an enjoyable evening and more than once, people commented on how well the children behaved. What can I say? They love food and art!

Zoey was so done.
 That was our cultural experience for the quarter!
(That makes us cultured, right??)
Kate trying to wrap her mind around abstract enthusiasm.


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