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Look at that BLAZING 33ish candles…we didn’t exactly count how many there were…
Ever since Zoey joined our clan last year, April birthdays have been doubled and are nearly back to back (or better yet, overlapping, like Zoey and Stoney’s…JEALOUS!)–we came home from the hospital on Jack’s birthday last year, so it was pretty un-fantastic. This year could only get better, right?
The thing about getting older is that birthdays aren’t exactly as exciting except when you have kids around to help celebrate. Then, it might as well be their birthday. Cake? YES! Presents? AWESOME! Candles? THEY CAN HARDLY CONTAIN THEMSELVES!
Seeing as Jack is an incredible gift giver, I decided to try and match his ability to make one feel special by getting something that wasn’t a necessity (I’m a need-based giver, I’ve discovered…I’ve given him socks as a gift…what is wrong with me?!) and this time, got Jack a new grill. About twenty minutes into trying to put it together, I realized I was probably over my head. Good thing Jack showed up from work right as I started getting frustrated and lucky for me, he enjoys putting together extremely complex things with little-to-no decipherable instructions (he reassured me it wasn’t me, it was the instructions, most likely written by men for men).
Once it was together, he fired it up and made some delicious steak for his birthday dinner, followed by more gifts, cake, and ice cream.
Fishing gear for everyone!
With the kids in bed, we spent some alone time…spreading fertilizer on the pasture. Remember, birthdays aren’t quite as wild as they might be when you’re an adult? A little hard work, followed by a couple casts to try and catch a fish or two is oddly enough to be the ideal ending to a special day.
I caught one!

It would be an understatement to say that Jack is the life of the party in our family. He loves a good dogpile…


…makes work enjoyable (I’m still trying to figure out that trick…he can get the kids to willingly help him with stuff, no complaints or whining)…

Fixing a fence for Dolly and Parton.
…he’s always ready for an adventure and can find it in even the most ordinary of situations… 
Checking the property for morels!
 …and he’s the first to see the fun in life.
When life gives you snow…
More than simply providing for us, he makes sure everyone is well-fed, well-cultured, well-loved…well-everything.
He remains our mythical man, our boy at heart, a man with the uncanny ability to ponder, he has unwavering faith that could move mountains, a grin that oozes charm with a touch of mischief (Henry’s definitely inherited that one), an encyclopedia of knowledge, from rocket science to bass fishing to mushrooms, bees, home improvements, gardening, aquaponics, cheesemaking, heavy machinery operation, concrete, cooking…and more (I don’t know how he fits it all in that handsome head of his). He keeps getting better and better with age.
Happy birthday, Jack! We love you!


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