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Raven…about the only one who’s glad to see snow. 
To say that spring has been bizarre this year is an understatement. One day, it’s snowing and chilly, so we bring the animals in…
Thanks Evelyn and Jack for putting the horses in their stalls!
 …then it warms up nicely, which means mud (and grumpy horses)…


 …then, we get a deluge of rain and the girls practically have to paddle the school bus to get home from school…

(Kidding. Sort of.)
All the extra time inside isn’t all bad, though. There’s extra time reading together…
Thank you, Claire, for keeping your siblings happy!
 …extra snuggly time…
 …even extra time to do fancy hair.

We also do our best to find solutions to other problems that not being able to get outside might present. For example, if we can’t get out and ride Stoney, then the penny pony at the grocery store works as a substitute.

Judging by Zoey’s first time on the penny pony, she’s going to looooove riding!

When the weather is kind enough to us that we can get outside without the risk of frostbite or sinking to our knees in mud or being washed away in a monsoon, we take advantage of it.


The kids blow bubbles, ride bikes, search for shells, play with the animals, do their chores (much more willingly anyway…they do their chores no matter the temperature), shoot hoops, or wander the property with Jack and me.

Claire is so athletic.

We even got the spring itch enough that we had a batch of chicks started inside (which, mind you, isn’t as fun as it sounds…chicks are adorable BUT they stink like a rotting gym shoe that stepped in doggy doodoo, they’re shrill and persistently loud, and they’re messier than a college roommate).

Leghorns are always too flighty for their own good.

Finally, last week I couldn’t take Mother Nature’s mood swings any more and we went to buy our garden plants and flowers.


Half of them are cold weather crops, so we have plans to put them in the ground soon, and the rest will live inside until the time is right. Nothing wrong with a little green on top of the piano, on the kitchen island, on multi-teared plant stands…

The irony. My sign and the plants about sum up what spring’s been like.

Soon enough, it’ll be hot, we’ll hit the pond, the hummingbirds will be back, the frogs will be croaking, the biting flies will be tormenting everyone, weeds will abound, and the garden will be flourishing. So for now, we’re (trying) to enjoy the cool for what it is and take it all in stride.

Just hopefully soon, we’ll be striding without winter coats on.
So desperate for fresh lettuce he’s eating it right out of the planter.



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