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That’s not where I left Parton…

Even with the wonky weather, the grass has begun to grow and it was time to put Parton out to pasture where the horses have been grazing. He and Dolly have been separated since the vet came out and confirmed she was due to give birth soon. So, instead of feeding precious hay and cleaning up after him, we drug him outside.

Literally. He doesn’t know how to walk on a lead very well.

Cows are naturally very curious, so he sniffed around his new surroundings, making sure he could see his mom the whole time.

 Then, he thought he spotted some cows in the distance and ran over to meet them.

Only they weren’t cows, they were the horses and their way of saying, “Hello” is to run.
It’s not like they’ve never met before.

Jack stayed out and played intermediary to make sure everyone got along. Satisfied that they were all playing nice, we left them for the night…

…only to wake up to Parton wandering the yard.
I know exactly where he escaped–he jumped over the fence by the waterer where there’s a missing rung and went to pay his mother a visit.
 Back to square one!

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