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Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons: family, chocolate, a nicer-than-normal Sunday dinner, the warmer weather (usually…this year we at least had sun), and reflecting on and celebrating the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So excited about her very own basket!

Kids always make things more exciting, especially special occasions. Everyone was up at the crack of dawn to look for their Easter baskets and were thrilled to find a few special treats. Even Zoey could barely contain her surprise and covered her face and squealed when she discovered hers.

Or rather, when Henry couldn’t stand the suspense anymore and yanked it out of its hiding spot.

Close enough.

After breakfast, we headed out into the brisk morning to keep tradition with our family egg hunt. Henry got to go before the older girls…

…and then everyone was on their own.

It’s always fun watching them run circles around the farm, passing probably 80% of the eggs in their eagerness to find them. When they tire and slow down a bit, then their success rate goes up.


This year, the Easter Bunny, a.k.a. Jack, hid eggs all around the property, which really challenged the kids’ egg finding abilities. Luckily, the eggs were bright and at least all the hardboiled eggs were retrieved.

Even Zoey found one of her own.
I think I burned off enough calories following them around to justify a few pieces of chocolate of my own. Hand over the candy, kids…

The highlight of the day is always church. Though we attend weekly, Easter Sunday seems a bit more reverence, sacred, and special. This year, our biannual General Conference occurred, so we listened to our Prophet, the Apostles, and other general leaders speak about everything from the priesthood to becoming more Christlike to forgiving others. Always a special weekend.


Though we wish we could spend the day with extended family, we had our own special dinner (usually, Sunday is my day off from cooking but I make an exception for holidays and birthdays. So, ham, deviled eggs, asparagus, cornbread, fruit and dip, followed by carrot cake. And now, I have leftovers for the rest of the week! That means I don’t have to cook, right?

We hope your day was filled with family, fun, and friends, and that you were able to reflect on the meaning of the day. Christ is our Savior, because of Him we can reach our fullest potential, live joyfully, overcome every challenge, know there is life after death, and be together with our families forever. He is Risen and for that, we are truly grateful!
Happy Easter from The Rehomesteaders!

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