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The first splash of green.

The girls brought home a flyer for a family fun run put on by our county’s 4H and since running a family race to encourage my kids to be active their whole lives, I thought it sounded like the perfect opportunity to cross that goal off our list.


We showed up a little early to get signed up and spent the time waiting for the race to start, looking at all the animals who’d be brought in for a post-race party petting zoo. You can’t have a 4H event without some sort of animals present!

The cool baby look.

Apparently, there was a discrepancy regarding the race start time. The paper said one thing, the internet said another…so, it turned out we were earlier than we needed to be (what is it with me and showing up to races too early?!). But, we amused ourselves until it began because with kids and a dog, there’s never a dull moment. The race was on a track around the fairgrounds and started out well enough. We jogged together, laughing as we were pelted by green powder.


Though he was invited, Jack declined to join us. There are very few reasons that he will run and since there were no geese in the pond, he decided to cheer from the sidelines with Zoey.

Smile and wave for the first lap!

 As we racked up the laps, Claire ran ahead, Kate stuck with me, and Evelyn needed to take her time.


About halfway through, poor Kate’s little legs gave out and I found her by Jack, crying that she was finished. So, I dumped out Henry and Kate and I were off to finish.

Not to brag or anything, but I totally whooped the girls and beat them by a longshot.
Jack’s camera skills leave something to be desired. Let’s just say I was happy to have finished.
Claire came in a close second…
 …Kate finished strong once she caught her breath…

 …and poor Evelyn was pretty convinced she wanted to quit at lap eight since everyone else was already done and she was tired.


Since I don’t like quitters, I told her I’d make the last two laps with her and Claire and Kate agreed they would too. About halfway around the last lap, Henry decided he wanted to join the fun.

Run, Henry! Run!

For a two-year-old, he has impressive stamina. He ran and ran and ran, which encouraged his sisters to also run and run and run. Except Evelyn. She spotted an empty jogging stroller and asked if she could take a quick break. I obliged. It won’t be much longer before she won’t ask anymore. What’s the harm in indulging her being a child a bit longer?

Look at them go!

But, still having some pride, she insisted on getting out and running on her own two feet across the finish line.

Nothing like the accomplishment of crossing the finish line! She was so happy to have stuck with it when so many other participants quit. 
 And then Henry came in close behind, all smiles.


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