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Wanting so bad to get up on the gate to see Stoney face to face, too.

A year has come and gone and Zoey is no longer a baby. It’s always amazing to me to see just how quickly infants unfold, fill out, and literally blossom in one quick year.


Being the youngest of five, Zoey is tenacious and incredibly confident–nobody tells her what she can and can’t do. So, she fits in along with the rest of the herd without any trouble, so much so that her growl gets her her way, she can sleep through her siblings full-on screaming just a few feet away, and she already joins in their imaginative play, from pretend eating to pretending they’re all puppy dogs, lolling tongue and all.


She’s a double-fisted eater (she has to make sure she gets her share!), especially when it comes to dirt…of all the kids, she’s been the most difficult to convince that soil is not a delicacy.

She’s most happy when she’s got her hands on a cow…
She’s a cow whisperer!
…or looking at baby chicks…
…or petting the cats or dog…
Zoey seriously loves Raven. In fact, ‘Raven’ is already in Zoey’s vocabulary.
 She LOVES the wind in her hair…

…and is such a mermaid. She’s always trying to get to water, including sneaking into siblings’ showers, dumping out cups of water to play in the puddle, and when I wash her face off after eating, I practically have to yank her away from the sink as she’s trying to put her feet in so she can get the leverage she needs to pull her whole body in.

Bath time!

And her hair! That girl has some serious volume, especially right after it’s washed and blow-dried. It’s enough to make Einstein jealous.

Fuzzy baby hair!

One of the things we all love best about Zoey is her generally cheery nature. She’s incredibly expressive and when she’s happy, you’ll know it.

Peanut butter and jelly is exciting!
Playing is exciting!
 Being awake is exciting!
 Walking is exciting!

Lucky for Zoey, her birthday fell on a Saturday, which means she had the whole family home to spoil her all day long. We cleaned the house, went to a friend’s auction, stopped by a daffodil garden, picked up fertilizer for the pasture, took a nap, worked on some fencing at home…not incredibly exciting stuff but the awesome thing about turning one is that there are no expectations for parties or fancy gifts. Just a helping of cake and they’re good.

Since Zoey and Stoney now forever share a birthday (I’m slightly jealous of her), we also went out celebrate Stoney’s 22nd.
Come and get your treats!!!

He and Dancer got a bag of apples, lots of scratches, and more attention than a grumpy old man probably cares for. Good thing he’s a good boy.

The birthday girl and birthday boy.

Since our spring has been delayed, the horses have also been holding on to their shaggy winter coats longer than normal, so we also took out our brushes and shedding blades. Stoney isn’t too proud to accept some pampering and grooming. While the girls did one side, I did the other, and Henry did his face. He’s practically show-ready!

Ahhh! Scratching feels good.
Then, we went in, wrapped Zoey’s presents in front of her (like I said, one-year-olds have no expectations), ate leftovers (repeat: no expectations), and sang happy birthday.

She sort of opened her gifts–it was more for the older kids who could hardly stand waiting to “help” her open them.

A new car seat…yay!

 And, in honor of her love of dirt, we made her a dirt cake. Not real dirt this time, but she seemed to enjoy the crushed Oreo substitute.

Dig in, baby!
All in all, feeling incredibly blessed to have this blue-eyed beauty as a member of our family, who adds so much happiness, sheer joy, tenacity, and grit to our everyday life. We’ve loved watching her grow and can’t wait to see who she becomes!
Our not-this-little-anymore baby.
 Happy birthday, Zoey! We love you!


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