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The beginning of winter and on through the new year definitely felt like winter. Wind, frigid cold, snow. Then, February felt like spring and March? I don’t think Mother Nature has made up her mind.
Raven doesn’t care who’s petting her as long as someone is scratching her ears.
 One day it felt like spring…
 …then back to winter…
Fresh eggs!
 …a day of springlike weather…
 …then back to winter…
 then back to spring…
Hercules and Snickers warming up on the boiler.
 …before another spell of winter…
…a nice stretch of spring…
…then yesterday, a very decided return to winter.
Okay. Maybe it wasn’t that many flipflops but it sure felt like it.
Of course, the massive, late-season snowstorm hit on the very worst day possible. Not only were we busy, but it was a day chalked full of driving. Yay. First, I picked up the babysitter, then Jack and I headed north forty-five minutes to the temple. The snow was still coming down once we left and I took the babysitter home.
Thank goodness for four-wheel drive and ABS. And knowing how to drive in the snow (which a lot of people don’t seem to know how to do…)

In the evening, Jack and I were going to attend an annual charity gala but it was canceled while I was on the way to pick up the second set of babysitters. So, I made a pitstop at the grocery store to grab a smorgasbord dinner for Jack and me and once I got home, we put the kids to bed early and told them they could read so we could pretend to have a nice dinner like we would have been having.

Because who wants to dress up all fancy and eat delectable food and have grown up/sans children company, while listening to famous singers and supporting a good cause when we could eat at home, shushing the kids down the hall and watch the snow come down?

Not us, of course.

(Seriously, it’s a good thing Jack can turn anything into a fancy, special occasion. Give him a raw potato and he’d probably carve it into the Eiffel Tower and make it taste like Gordan Ramsey prepared it himself).

The storm was a unique combination of just-freezing temperatures and a whole-lotta snow, so the roads were slick ice beneath large banks of snow. Church was canceled and we had an incredibly rare morning of sleeping in (by sleeping in, I mean 7:30), a leisurely breakfast, family church time, and once the weather warmed up, outside to take advantage of the perfect snow.
Poor Zoey. No snowsuit for you.
Unlike the previous day, today was warm and sunny. The snow packed perfectly for snowballs…
 …and an entire family of snowmen.

It isn’t often that the kids get to play in the snow multiple times a year, mainly because our part of Indiana just doesn’t get a lot of snow on average. I guess my wish for more snow came true!

Aren’t we beautiful?
We went inside for a while to warm up and waited for Zoey to fall asleep so we could go out again…
She zonked out on the couch before I could get her to her crib. Watching people build snowmen is hard work!
Jack stayed in to listen for Zoey and I took the kids out for one last use of the sledding hill for the season. Of course, I always get my workout in because they insist I’m a workhorse that enjoys pulling them around.
We skidded down the hill…
 …and climbed back up…
 …only to sled back down again.
Look! We’re flying! Sort of…
 Evelyn made her very own snowbaby…
 …and Claire made what else? A snowcat.
(In Hercules’ likeness, of course).
 We chucked a few more snowballs at each other and even Raven got in on the fun.

So, while it would be nice to be sunning on some warm beach (which it seems like the whole of our Indiana friends seem to be doing this week), we tried to make the best of our weird start to spring break with the motto: when life gives you snow, make a snowman.

Hot chocolate all around!
(Although, if that’s the last of the snow and cold weather for a while, that’d be okay, too. Hint, hint, Mother Nature...)

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