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Zoey loves watching the cows!

Though we’re incredibly fortunate to have our own barn and the cows have a spacious stall with a run out back, come spring, everyone is itching to have some space to run and fresh grass and since we have plenty of space and the grass is starting to green up again, we do our best to oblige.


Jack did have a work trip scheduled but since it was delayed, we spent the day fixing up one of the cattle corrals that had fallen into disrepair. We cleaned up weeds and loose wire fencing…

…and put up new cattle panels…
Henry loves his hammer.
 …and dug a few new post holes…
A bit of rain to soften the ground always helps.
 …and drained standing water.

There’s a neat little cattle shed that needs a bit of cleaning up but is nice and sturdy. There’s some firewood stacked inside, a dead ash looming overhead that’s already punched a hole through the roof, old hay, and a rotten feed bunk that needs to be repaired. Eventually, we’d also like to put tin on the walls to further protect it but, as with all the farm projects, they’re prioritized and tin on the outbuildings isn’t a high priority at the moment.

Lightweight work for the girls.

And, there is always a need for a good babysitter. All the girls rotated through their turn keeping Zoey happy so that the rest of us can work.


It was a long day of work but after the fencing was all in place, we ran to town to get some gates and a pizza, which we decided to eat picnic style (you have to take the good days as the come in late winter!).


We were able to use a few of the previous fences’ hinges but the rest weren’t hard to do. Just drill a hole…

…and watch the kids twist in the new hinges.
Claire got it about halfway in before she pooped out.
One of the things we love about the horses’ paddock is that there’s an automatic heated waterer, which is a total life changer for anyone with livestock. There is one in the new cattle corral but it’s not working at the moment. It could have something to do with the dead animal that had somehow gotten itself stuck in one of the pipes. That or maybe the waterline connected to it is broken. Whatever it is, Jack’s going to have to tinker with it some more when he has a chance. Again, priorities. The cows don’t care if they’re drinking out of a fancy automatic waterer or a metal trough. Water is water to them.
So, without further adieu, we introduced the cows to their new home in spring pastures. And they LOVED it:

If there is one thing that makes me happy, it’s watching an animal enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Plus, we got an entire project done in one day. DOUBLE HAPPY!


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