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The old sitting room.
One of the things we (and everyone else) noticed about our New Harmony home when we moved in was how outdated it was. So, we did a bit of renovating.
What do you think?
Thankfully, that “unpacking the house” look didn’t last terribly long and we got everything in order. That meant that it was time to start tackling the parts of the house we didn’t like, namely the carpet.

I love a good carpet in a bedroom or a living room, where you want to sit on the floor and play or lay down and watch a movie. However, the carpet that was left in the house was decades old and emitted a musty, tired, well-used smell that permeated the entire house. Thankfully, the previous owners weren’t smokers (like at our previous house) but Jack is particularly bothered by strong odors, so he was the first one to tug up the carpet.

And, once there’s a tool out, Henry’s right there to help.

It was just a matter of moving things around, ripping the carpet into smaller pieces, and getting it out of the house.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a hidden gem beneath: the floor was a decent hardwood (and even if it wasn’t, Jack still would have pulled it up and we would have lived with subflooring until we could afford to replace it. We’ve done it before!). It’ll take some sanding and refinishing and a few new transitions but even without it, it looks (and smells!) a million times better.
Then there’s the old carpet to get rid of…garbage pile burn, anyone??
Ah, so much better! Thanks, Jack!


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