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Ever since getting a tractor, one of the biggest benefits we’ve experienced is its ability to move round bales. Not only are they cheaper per pound but they can feed the animals for weeks, which means no hauling square bales out to the animals twice a day.
Helping move the round bale ring.

Since switching primarily to round bales, we’ve also invested in a couple of round bale rings. Basically, they keep the livestock from trampling all over the hay and rendering it inedible. You’d think it being their food source would be obvious but apparently, a big bale of hay also strikingly resembles a giant bed to most animals, so they crawl all over it to eat the sweetest hay in the middle and smash the rest of it into the mud so they can enjoy an afternoon nap on a fluffy pile of dry grass.

Kate’s job: smash down the hay.

The last time we had to move hay for the horses, the poor bale kind of tore apart and while we had to scrape it back into a pile and stuff it in the hay ring, we were able to salvage most of it. Then, Kate had a job to perform, which she accepted happily: smash down the hay so it didn’t blow away in the wind.

She did a very good job and like most of the chores I ask her to do, she did with a smile on her face. I feel like I could learn a thing or two from her when it comes to work…
Hay is for horses.
And hard-working, fun-loving little kids.

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