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Hitching a ride out to the sledding hill.

When we got home from Nebraska, we had a few extra days at home with Jack and though we typically enjoy spending a good deal of time outside, Mother Nature sent winter in with a vengeance. The cabin fever was getting to everyone–me in particular–so Jack stayed inside with Zoey and sent me out with the kids to have a bit of fun.


Raven, for one, was thrilled to have some real time outdoors–lately, she’s been limited to quick potty breaks since we don’t have a fenced backyard, her leash clip is frozen shut, and no one wants to stand out to watch her. She’s one of those dogs that loves being outside, no matter what and the more snow, the better. She sprinted a few laps around us and continued to run and run and run the whole time we were sledding.

Hercules joined us too but he prefers to quietly watch from the sidelines. That’s a cat for you.

The hill isn’t enormous but that’s alright for the kids. They went down time and time again, squealing with glee the entire time.

Though the weather was frigid–we haven’t been above freezing for at least a week–the sunshine did make things feel a tad warmer.
Until someone’s sled bucked them off and they got a faceful of snow. Talk about instant brain freeze!
Thankfully, most of the spills were met with laughter except of course, when I tumbled off. It seems natural for kids to laugh at each other falling but when it comes to me, they worry that the lady who washes their underwear and cooks dinner for them might be incapacitated. While I lay face down in the snow, laughing too hard to talk, the girls seemed quite certain I was dead and murmured to each other, wondering if I was okay. Eventually, I was able to roll over and let them know I was fine. It’ll take a lot more than tipping off a sled to get rid of me!

Henry didn’t last terribly long once he got snow in his gloves, so he went inside to warm up, leaving just us womenfolk to play. Even Raven seemed to be helping out, doing her best to keep everyone warm by sitting on laps.

Cozy, Claire?
 We kept sledding until even running up and down the hill wasn’t enough to stay warm.
Keeping warm, buddy?
Then, the girls got a ride back on the sled caravan (guess who was the lucky one who got to power it…hint: ME)…
…and we got out of our winter gear and climbed under the blankets, drank hot chocolate, watched a Harry Potter movie and crashed.
Sledding is hard work!
Not to be stuck inside either, Jack roused the girls and asked if they wanted to go back out.
Ice skating, anyone?
Hope you’re staying warm this winter and enjoying the weather and what it has to offer!

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