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 Our winter has gone something like this: cool, slightly chilly, FREEZING, FREEZING, SNOW, FREEZING, springlike, ice storm, warm, snow, snow, practically summer…


Thus, a good portion of our time has been stuck inside, making sure our toes and fingers don’t fall off from frostbite. But every once in a while, we had a couple of those magical days where it was warm enough to enjoy sledding or one of our favorite pastimes: building snowmen.

Evelyn bit off more than she could chew.

Jack is the real master builder when it comes to snow sculpting. In previous years, he’s made entire families of snow people but, the girls have put their skills to the test, too. This time, we were hurrying out the door to run errands and drop off a child at a birthday party, so we only had time for two.

Jack staring at his doppelganger.

Everyone shoved together a couple of snowmen before we had absolutely had to leave (and Evelyn was still late to her party. Haha, oops!). The poor creations lasted only a few hours before toppling over and within a day, they were little more than a pile of rocks and sticks on the grass. If that’s all the longer the snow lasted, I’d say we got good use out of it. If we had a few more chances to build a snowman, I wouldn’t be totally opposed to a teensy, tiny, little bit more snow this winter.


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